What kind of person are you in Ramadan?

Take the Quiz and know what kind of "Ramadan Person" are you!

How many hours do you usually sleep?

Four Eight Twelve More than twelve

What activity takes most of your time?

Sleeping Playing Sports Watching TV Eating

When do you eat most?

Sohour Iftar In between meals I eat very little all the time

How many kilos do you gain in Ramadan?

Less than 2 More than 5 Don't want to say I lose weight

How many Ad songs (or series ones) do you know by heart at the end of the month?

More than 2 I don't listen to the songs of the series I don't watch TV during Ramadan Almost all of them

What are the things you only do in Ramadan?

Stop using make-up Visit my family weekly Pray in the mosque Do Charity

How many times do you have iftar outside your house during the month?

I never eat Iftar outside my house Almost daily Twice a week Once weekly

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