Your Ultimate Guide to a Cultural Visit to Alexandria

You can't help but fall in love with it; its streets are crowded with talent and art, its shores home to children's loud laughs and people’s cries, its breeze holding old stories and nostalgic memories. It is the beautiful, breathtaking and charming city that attracts every art seeker; it is Alexandria. We’ve compiled five must-see places guaranteed to make your next visit to the amazing city unforgettable!

1- The Royal Jewellery Museum

In 1919, this beautiful palace was built for princess Fatima El-Zahraa in the Zezinia neighborhood , particularly on Ahmed Yehia Pasha street. Then, in 1986, it turned into a museum to include jewellery, paintings and decorative arts which belonged to the Muhammad Ali family. The palace is characterized by its European style and stained glass windows. Take the tour and see how fashionable and classy Egyptians have always been and always will be.

2- The Alexandria National Museum

The white, Italian three-story building located on El-Horreya road, hosts about 2,000 valuable pieces which belong to three collections; Ancient Egypt, and Islamic and Coptic histories. It is also characterized by a collection of Ancient Egyptian statues that were recovered from the sea.

3- The Mahmoud Saeed Museum

Formerly the Mahmoud Saeed palace, it is now a museum with three art galleries; the first one is for the great artist Mahmoud Saeed, the second is for the two brothers Adham and Seif Wanly, and the third one is the Egyptian Modern Art Museum. The museum doesn’t just include paintings; but also the tools that Mahmoud Saeed used, such as empty color pipes and the last wooden pallete he prepared before his death.

4- The Cavafy Museum

In El Raml station, at the heart of Alexandria, lies the apartment where the Egyptian Greek poet Constantine Cavafy and his family used to live. After his death, it was first turned into a hostel and then became open for visitors. It includes some of the family’s original furniture, books and photographs.

5- Bibliotheca Alexandria

Whether you are a reader or not, this marvelous place deserves a visit. The eleven floors full of knowledge, galleries and exhibitions will take your breath away. The library includes 10,000 books -including rare ones. Moreover, it has four museums; Sadat, Manuscripts, Antiquities and History Of Science.

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