Your Guide to Multitasking


Our lives are so busy in today’s world; there always tons of things to do and no time to get them done. Every day we end up frustrated that we only complete a fraction of our to-do lists. The solution to this issue is actually deceptively simple: the art of multitasking. Just like writing or math, multitasking is a skill that gets better with practice. If you’re feeling overwhelmed, here are five things you can do to start multitasking like a pro.

1. Plan Ahead

Success starts with good planning; write down everything you have to do in a notebook and keep it with you whenever you are working. This way you won’t be alarmed by a forgotten task that’s overdue.

2. Set Goals

While planning, set the goals you want to achieve per day and per week. Just remember to set reasonable goals that match your work capacity so you don’t overwork yourself. For example, don’t say I will finish all my studying today; instead choose a chapter or two to work on.

3. Prioritize

One important key to multitasking is knowing your priorities from the start; this helps you complete important tasks and minimize time lost in deciding at the last minute. For instance, driving your kid to school has a priority over shopping for groceries.

4. Group Compatible Tasks

Choose tasks that can be performed together; this will make it easier for you to switch between them and get them done simultaneously. So if you need to cook dinner, for example, make that long phone call with your mother in law at the same time and you’ll get to cross off two things from your to-do list!

5. Calculate Extra Time

While calculating time for each task, don’t be too generous or too stingy. If you give yourself too much time you might procrastinate, and if you give yourself too little time you’ll stress yourself out. Make note of how much time you spend on daily tasks like finishing homework or going to the gym and calculate the time needed based on that.

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