Your Guide to Finding the Perfect School Bag


Every student understands the importance of a school bag; it needs to look cool and be sturdy enough to hold your stuff at the same time, and that’s not an easy combination. Not to worry though, just follow our simple guide and you’ll be able to find a bag that’ll get you excited about going back to school.

Backpack for Practicality

If you need to lug around heavy items like a laptop, textbooks, or big notebooks, go for a supportive backpack that won’t hurt your back even if it’s heavy.

Image from Jansport

If you a need spaciousness go for big sizes like the Superbreak Backpack by Jansport or the Dublin City Twin Backpack by Up-Fuse. If, however, you only need to carry around a few notebooks and stationery, go for the Mini Twin Backpack by Up-Fuse or the Boho Flower Tassel by Palma Egypt.

Cross Bags for Chic Comfort

Image from Palma Egypt

If you don’t like carrying a backpack, you can always go for a cross bag; they never go out of style and they come in different sizes. They are spacious enough to carry your notebooks, tablet, and makeup kit without being too bulky. The Lime Shine Disco Mini Tote Bag by Up-Fuse and the Havane Weekender by Palma are both great options.

Go Retro with a Fanny Pack

Image from Palma Egypt

Fanny packs are making a comeback and they are incredibly easy to carry. If you’ll only need your phone and a couple of pens and a calculator, this is the perfect choice. It works best for midterms or exams when you have little to carry around. Check out the Ocean Candy Waist Bag by Up-Fuse and the Pink Round Waist Bag by Palma.

Image from Palma Egypt

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