When a Prominent Person Visits Egypt

In the past days, when going out or back to my house in Zamalek, I used to question what exactly happened to my neighborhood. The streets were extremely clean, which is something we rarely see, there weren't any parked cars in most areas, which made the traffic a lot less, etc…

Normally speaking, this should make me happy. But in fact, it did not at all. On the contrary, it made me feel awful for the status of my country, and its people.

I felt really bad that we, as a country, only clean our streets, abide by security measures, as well as organizational ones when a prominent person visits the country. Some may claim that I am one of those people who complain about everything and takes for granted the efforts the government does. But I’m definitely not. I understand very well that an important figure like Pope Francis should be very well protected and severe security measures should be taken before he arrives. This is unquestionable and I’m definitely not upset that such measures are taken.

Yet, what I am discussing here is the fact that we don’t make enough effort to clean up our country and secure it well for us, for its people - who are supposed to be our first concern.

Egyptians - people and government - should know that we should place ourselves first. We should be the priority. We should be the center focus of the country’s efforts and plans.

I understand again that the image of the country should be impeccable in front of the pope, but don’t we have thousands of tourists visiting everyday? Those go back to their countries and talk about the traffic, the chaos and the pollution. Why not abide by standards of organization and cleanliness everyday and let our image always be the same, no matter who is visiting?

It’s a sad situation. It definitely is. We’ve always been so; a country that only cares about important international figures, even more than it cares about its own people. We never acted natural, we never did and that’s the mere reason behind our retard.

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