When Did We Become So Selfish?

Last week, I went to the movies with my family. We chose our seats, paid for our tickets and went inside to look for our places and start the movie. Seems normal, right? Well, not everyone thought so.

Let me tell you what happened next. Our cousins were a little late, so we sat down in our places, and left their seats empty, just next to us.

A few minutes later, after the film had already started, two boys came to sit in those places. When we told them these were other people’s seats, they started complaining about the fact that they can’t see and left with strange looks on their faces.

My father and I looked at each other and did not even have anything to say.

A few minutes later, few people came in and -again- tried to sit in those two places and found out that other people were sitting on their seats. The man working in the theater asked the ones sitting to go back to their places and leave this to the people who booked them.

They refused and explained that they cannot see well from their places.

They even considered the fact that they can’t see well enough a good reason to switch places and stop other people from seeing well. They were really convinced that that was a strong argument to use.

For a few minutes, they kept the others standing and even raised their voices although we were watching the movies. They kept people their parents’ age standing for quite a long time.

Although I had nothing to do with that, I was extremely frustrated by the attitude of those young people. Selfishness has become extremely apparent in our society; everyone cares so much about themselves and their well-being and they do not give any attention to others.

This is extremely sad and I wonder what the future of the country holds when those young people become in charge.

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