What to Watch on Your Movie Night this Eid


With the Eid vacation coming up, there’s no better way to spend some quality time with friends or family than by planning a fun movie night. These great movies and plays will keep you entertained after a long day on the beach!

3asal Eswed

A movie starring Ahmed Helmi is always a good idea, and this one right here will make you fall in love with Egypt and its people all over again, despite highlighting some of the country’s major flaws.

Esha3et Hob

This black and white movie never gets old; honestly, who would ever get sick of watching Omar El-Sherif trying to win over his cousin (Soad Hosny), by pretending to date actress Hend Rostom?

El Nazer

After his father’s death, Alaa Waley El Din as ‘Salah El Din’ finds himself in charge of managing his father’s school, a position he is most definitely not ready for. However, when his mom (who is also played by him) gives him no other choice, he has to man up for the job.

Se3idy Fel Gam3a El Amerekeya

This iconic 20-year-old movie about a student from Upper Egypt getting a scholarship to the American University is never a bad choice for a movie night. And with rumors of a sequel, you’ll probably want to re-watch it again pretty soon. It also paved the way for now-superstars Mohamed Henedi, Mona Zaki, Ahmed El Saka and Ahmed Ramzi back in 1998. `

Hob El Banat

This romantic comedy is about three estranged half-sisters that have to live under one roof for a year as per their father’s will. Throughout their time together, we get to see these girls grow on a personal level, form a true sisterly bond with each other, and also find their Mr. Right.

Taymour & Shafika

Although I personally have my own reservations about this movie, there’s no denying that it’s a great choice for Eid, especially because this holiday plays a special role in the movie.

La Tarago3 Wala Esteslam

Ahmed Mekky and Maged El-Kedwany were able to create the perfect combo of comedy and action with this one. This movie is also when the “Hazal2om” character was brought to life for the first time.

Morgan Ahmed Morgan

A light comedy about a rich businessman (Adel Emam) and father of two college students navigating his way through life by giving out bribes until he falls for his college professor (Mervat Amin), who can’t be bought with his money.

3arees Men Geha Amneya

This movie starring Adel Emam, Lebleba, Hala Shiha, and Sherif Mounir will forever be our favorite portrayal of the overprotective father who just can’t accept the idea of his daughter getting married and leaving him behind.

Abo Ali

A movie that is responsible for numerous memes and ‘afashat aflam’; this 2005 film has all the elements of a romantic comedy with some action thrown in the middle, as it revolves around two strangers (Mona Zaki and Karim Abdelaziz) who fall in love with each other while they’re hiding out from the police until they prove their innocence for a crime they didn’t commit.

Madraset El Moshaghbin

This star-studded play is a must watch every Eid, as there’s nothing better than watching five perfectly rebellious high school students making their principal’s and teacher’s lives a living hell with all their pranks and mischievous plans.

El 3eyal Kebret

Another equally popular play for Eid, which also stars some of the Madraset El Moshaghbin cast. The story revolves around four kids who discover that their father is having an affair and try to mess up his plans in order to save their family.

Let us know if we forgot to mention any of your Eid favorites!

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