What it Means to Be an Entrepreneur in Your 20’s


An opinion editorial? Not really, maybe more of a diary.

This piece, whatever you might consider it, is the easiest I’ve ever written. It was like scribbling my mind and heart down, pouring all the thoughts and emotions I had the past few months on a piece of paper. It took no planning, no drafting and definitely no time whatsoever.

So get ready to read one of the most personal pieces I’ve ever written.

This is not a post to tell you about myself, my personality, my experience or my problems –although it may seem like it– but an appreciation post to every person who decided to be an entrepreneur and an encouragement to any person who’s considering becoming one.

People always think that being an entrepreneur is the easiest thing you could do. “You’re your own boss, you can do whatever you want!” they say. But that’s definitely not it. So let me tell you what it really means.

Being an entrepreneur is surely the biggest risk any individual has taken in their 20’s.

Being an entrepreneur in your 20’s means being a 24/7 employee and boss, 365 days a year.

It means setting your alarm at eight in the morning even on your days off because you can’t afford losing a phone call. It means not being able to stay at a place with a bad network because you can’t delay answering important texts.

It also means missing out on a lot of outings, not having the time to see your best friend for more than a week and even missing your morning coffee time with your mom.

It means having the most unbalanced life ever; you work all day, have absolutely no time for sports, healthy eating or proper relaxation.

It means holding the responsibilities of a 40-year-old and constantly being stressed and under pressure. You’re 20, you go out during the weekend, you seem like you’re having fun, but deep down, you’re thinking about the things you have to do next week and planning your tasks.

It goes to the point that even when you sleep, you’re only half asleep because your mind is still at the office.

But despite that, it's the most fulfilling decision you’ll ever take. Because at every moment of your day, you’re proud of yourself.

Yes, you are only 20, but you already see the results of your hard work.

You’re young, but you’ve taken a risk most people double your age were too afraid to take.

You’re in your 20’s but you love what you do and work with your whole heart. And believe me, that’s the best thing that could ever happen to anyone.

You still have a long long way to go, but you’ve already started. You’ve taken a risk and no matter the results, you’ve already achieved so much at that age.

You’re 20, but it’s like having a little baby you’re happy to see grow everyday.

This is only possible when you are a strong ambitious person; one who wants to work and achieve so much.

But most importantly, this is possible when you have supportive parents that always encouraged you, never left your side, never doubted your capabilities and are only pushing you to do your best. Parents who, with their love and help, made you the strong entrepreneur you’re proud to be.

It also takes siblings who help even though they have no clue what you do, but are always there when you need them. Siblings who have suddenly turned to very cute ones, who don’t argue with you anymore because you’re too tired for that.

It takes friends who don’t tell you they miss you and never get upset when you miss their outings; but rather meet you anytime anywhere because it suits your schedule, not theirs, and because they want to see you and tell you they’re happy that you’re pursuing what you love.

So here’s to the young entrepreneurs, their families and their friends!

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