What You Need to Know Before Heading Off to College


So you’re done with high school and heading to college this semester, congratulations! You have the right to remain excited, but beware because college is not at all what you think it is.

College is a lot different from school, and it’s one of the most important experiences in your life; you need to be smart and pay attention to the world around you if you want to experience all its perks and advantages. I decided to write this for all you freshmen out there to tell you about what I learned during my time at university.

First things first: it’s not all about studying! Yes, keeping your grades up is a priority and it increases your chances of getting a scholarship, but that doesn’t mean studying 24 hours a day and missing out on other stuff.

What other stuff, you ask?

Try Out Student Activities

Enroll in a student activity and you will learn a lot. Plus, it will be a good bonus for your CV and you’ll make a ton of new friends


Whether it’s college related or not, this is the time to travel and explore. Travel inside Egypt or abroad and you’ll learn a lot about the world around you.


Make sure you engage in an activity unrelated to what you’re studying. For instance, take fun classes or learn a new instrument. Whatever you feel passionate about, pursuing it early on will give you a great advantage.

Grow Your Networking Skills

Try to meet new people from different places and fields and mingle with them. This will help you build your own network of contacts; just don’t forget to save their contact information and stay in touch.

Learn Outside the Classroom

Go to interesting talks and book clubs, or pick an event that interests you, because not everything can be learned in class.


There are plenty of volunteering opportunities to choose from; giving back and helping others is a wonderful feeling, and it can teach you a lot about yourself.

Work Part-Time

There is nothing wrong with working while studying; it will boost your CV and enrich your work experience - which is something you’ll need post-graduation.

Ask for Help

Ask college seniors and graduates about their experiences and what they wish they’d known as freshmen. Learn from their mistakes and you’ll guarantee a smoother college experience.


Read books outside your syllabus, regardless of the genre or topic; a book can change your life and inspire you to be a better version of yourself.

Stay Connected

Follow social media pages that announce scholarships, job vacancies, and internships. Always apply even if you don’t think you’re qualified, you never know!

Finally, Relax….

College can be a stressful experience and many students end up suffering from anxiety or depression as a result. Relax, believe in yourself, regret nothing, and always have faith in the future. That way you will have a chance to think clearly and enjoy your time.

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