What My Love for Dolphins Taught Me About Myself


Swimming with dolphins in the open sea has been my dream since I was five years old. I’ve always been in love with dolphins and fond of adventures; and that for me was the perfect combination.

I don’t recall why, or maybe I don’t really have an answer, but I never realized this childhood dream or never even tried to make it happen.

On a side note, this depicts my personality really well; I’m the kind of person who dreams a lot, wishes for things to happen and even prays for that -but don’t really do anything to make them happen. That’s definitely a drawback we can discuss in another article.

Going back to swimming with dolphins for now.

Last September, my dad was planning his trip to Dubai. I told him I wanted to join so I could be able to swim with the dolphins in the waterpark everybody goes to. He quickly agreed, we booked the tickets and we planned to go swim with the dolphins.

To my surprise, I wasn’t really excited about going. And deep down, I knew why.

Because as much as I wanted to swim with dolphins, I was always against the idea of having animals kept in captivity.

I was upset with myself for changing my mind and for accepting what I usually don’t accept, just because it’s easier, or because it was -at the moment- the only option I had.

A few days after booking our flights, I went with my dad to the Red Sea to meet his friends. I knew before we travelled that it wasn’t an adventurous trip; we were going to relax and just meet his friends, and I was totally fine with that.

Without going into too many details, out of the blue and totally unprepared, we went on a boat trip during our voyage and we found dolphins in the open sea, and I swam with them.

I won’t describe my happiness, excitement and joy about that; you can imagine how it feels to fulfill your childhood dream, without even planning to do so.

Going back home, I was overwhelmed; it took me time to grasp the idea that I swam with dolphins in the open sea. But then, as usual, my overthinking appeared and I felt like God had prepared all of that to send me a message.

Animals shouldn’t be kept in captivity. Animals are to be seen in their natural habitat. Animals, just like us, need freedom to live.

I might not have hugged and kissed the dolphins like everyone does in the water park, but I saw the real them.

I saw them swim.

I saw them jump because they’re happy, not because they’re ordered to do so.

I saw a mom protecting her child. That’s something you don’t see in waterparks. Ever questioned why? Because they usually separate the babies from their mothers after birth.

I did not touch them like we do in water parks, but that’s because animals aren’t made to be bothered and touched by other creatures. I went back home, cancelled my waterpark tickets and thanked God for helping me not to contribute in keeping animals in captivity.

I was so glad this happened before I went to swim with dolphins in a closed area and forever regret participating in that. Animals are beings too; no one should be superior.

We often claim that we’re superior because we have brains. But what have we used our brains for?

We used them to captivate other souls and deprive them from their freedom forever.

If that’s what makes us superior, then I really don’t know what criteria we use to decide who should be in charge.

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