Warcross: The Most Anticipated Young Adult Book of the Year

Marie Lu’s book is about a virtual game called Warcross that allows people to access any place in the world, any time they want -from Paris, Tokyo, to even a local restaurant- all through a pair of glasses called NeuroLink, which operate by receiving brain signals. The game has gone viral ever since it was invented, and people are always more than happy to escape the tight grip of their daily routines into the colorful, comforting world of Warcross.

Set in the future, the book follows the story of Emika, a girl who is both a bounty huntress and a hacker, and how her life turns upside down when one day she is struggling to survive, and the next she is one of the most prominent participants in the Warcross championships.

Emika's life changes when one day she decides to hack into the opening game of Warcross in an attempt to gain money and ends up exposing herself to millions of viewers and watchers, resulting in her belief that the police and the inventor of the game are after her. Unexpectedly, instead of demanding compensation, the creator of the game -Hideo Tanaka- has an offer for her.

Emika is asked to join his company to help with a secret mission, one that she will be able to carry out only if she agrees to participate in the year's championships taking place in Tokyo. With an irresistible opportunity to discover the world of Warcross and an amount of money she is in a desperate need of, Emika has no option but to accept. When she finally gets sent to be among the rest of the participants, the virtual world of Warcross starts to unfold, and both the readers and Emika get taken on a journey through the thrilling and equally fascinating world of Warcross to discover that sometimes, video games are more than just games and personalised avatars.

The book also tells the story of Hideo, the genius man behind the addictive video game; the man who keeps coming up with extraordinary inventions, one after the other; the man who added a splash of colour and excitement to people all around the globe. As readers dive deeper into the book, secrets about Hideo's life start to surface, as well as the main reason behind him inventing Warcross.

Warcross is a story about determination, making friends, challenges, love, and family. Reading Warcross will make readers feel as if they are living in a video game, so buckle up and get ready for an adventure that will sweep you off your feet and leave you craving more of the story.

Novelist Marie Lu used to work as a video game art designer long before she started writing, and once said, “Warcross is very much a love letter to all my favorite things.” So trust us when we say that Warcross is a love letter that you cannot not read.

Publication Date: 12/9/2017 Genres: Science Fiction, Young Adult

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