Vittorio’s: Quality Above All Else


This week we were in the mood for Italian, but we were stuck in Maadi for several reasons - the dusty weather not excluded. It actually took us a while to figure out where we were going to get our fill of Italian food from. The options ranged from cheap and nasty to overly fancy and expensive; then suddenly, like a divine sign, Vittorio’s menu appeared on one of our phones and it was the perfect combination of affordable and seemingly interesting Italian food.

As we perused the menu, the dishes seemed to call out to us and after each deciding on our dish, we picked two appetizers to share, because why not, right? We made the call to the nice people at Vittorio’s and were difficult in our order because of the questions we had and the additions we wanted to make to the order. We then asked for the total, which we were given before we hung up. In about five minutes, a man called us on the phone and started off by apologizing extensively, telling us that we were misled. He said that while working out the total he had not added one of the dishes and so the total was slightly more and then said: “I’m really sorry about this, and whatever you see fit we will do.” Now, we’re not going to pull each other’s leg and claim that we are all used to this kind of service and respect from people who work in the food and beverage industry; we were so stricken by his politeness that we told him it was no problem and thanked him for informing us.

Exactly 60 minutes later, the doorbell rang and the food arrived in the hands of a humble young man. We paid him and he was on his way, while we began opening the packages like children opening presents on Christmas Day.

For our appetizers, we ordered the Funghi Trifolatti, which basically consists of whole mushrooms sautéed in garlic and olive oil, as well as the Melenzane Parmigiana, which we had to order as soon as we saw it on the menu because it was baked aubergine with mozzarella, tomato sauce and parmesan cheese. Those are the best words put in the best order, we thought, so we had to try it.

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Vittorio’s seems to value their ingredients because the mushrooms were superb and they had an exquisite taste that indicated that the olive oil used was of a high caliber. They were slightly too soft for our taste, but nonetheless they tasted superb. As for the aubergine concoction; it is actually difficult to explain because the sauce that the aubergine was in was very much like a pizza sauce (a really good pizza sauce) but the mozzarella and the parmesan kind of reacted and made it something of its own. We felt really proud of ourselves for picking this dish because it was phenomenal.

For the main dishes, we had two pastas and a pizza. The two pastas we had were Fettuccini Piscatora (which was a seafood and tomato sauce pasta); the pasta itself was alright, but the sauce could have been more - although it was great. On the other hand, the seafood in the pasta again was a testament to the quality of the ingredients of this restaurant. The second pasta was the Fettuccini Alfredo, which consists of straightforward mushrooms and a creamy sauce. This pasta was not bad; while there were healthy chunks of mushrooms and the taste was good, it just seemed like something we could have made ourselves with minimal cooking skills.

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Finally, the Florentina Pizza emerged, and it is perhaps our fault that we did not really give this restaurant enough attention before this day. Collectively, we definitely loved cheese - what’s not to love? The other toppings were tomato, spinach, mozzarella, and we switched the standard eggs for mushrooms on the pizza, and it was absolutely divine. The texture of the pizza seemed to almost melt in one’s mouth; we’re not sure if this is normal store bought mozzarella or if this is something special or if it was the sauce, but whatever it was, it did the trick. The spinach was fresh, clean and flavorful, and the mushrooms were big enough to stand out amidst the assortment of toppings.

All in all, Vittorio’s was a great experience. Perhaps next time we should try and make it into the restaurant itself to experience the dishes immediately after they’re ready. For now, that meal will probably be our happy place for the rest of the week; whether stuck in traffic or waiting in line at the bank, we can all look back on this meal and get through whatever nonsense life throws at us.

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