Venom: Superheroes Can’t Get Better Than This!


It’s easy to guess why we all love superheroes; they’re amazingly cool, they have remarkable superpowers, they’re always good looking, and they stand up for normal people like us!

Now imagine if your superhero looked like Tom Hardy - I would get in trouble every day! That’s why this year Marvel put all the right ingredients together to present us with Venom, our new favorite superhero.

Image from IMDb

Based on Marvel original comics, Venom stars Oscar nominees, Tom Hardy, and Michelle Williams.

Like most Marvel movies, it starts with the normal life of a good guy, this time a journalist named Eddie Brock, who works as a reporter for a newspaper. He is engaged to a woman he adores and he likes to speak up about what’s right no matter how much trouble he could get into.

Eddie is asked to interview a scientist and founder of a huge research facility that aims to discover new solutions to help people discover new planets and new ways to evolve as a species. He suspects that this foundation has done some illegal testing and starts to investigate, but as a result, he loses his job and fiancee, and his entire life is turned upside down.

Image from IMDb

After many unexpected events, Eddie gets infected with an alien parasite that controls his body and gives him amazing superpowers. Together they fight the mad scientist who wants to unleash an alien invasion on earth.

Image from IMDb

The movie is incredibly exciting, and the well-written plot along with the strong audio and visual effects allow for a highly entertaining experience. The best thing about the movie, however, is how comedy and action were fused together to create the script. Hardy’s performance is extremely convincing and charming considering the fact that he was a villain in the last superhero movie he starred in.

It seems that this film is only the beginning; the filmmakers made sure to show that there will be at least one sequel featuring Woody Harrelson. The movie is currently a huge success in the box office and we can’t wait to see the sequels!

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