Vecchio: Adding a Retro Flavor to Cairo’s Fashion Scene


Sustainable fashion is becoming increasingly popular in Egypt, and more and more people are leaning towards dressing up in garments that don’t harm the environment. One of the trendiest ways to become an environmentally friendly shopper is to buy vintage, and Vecchio is here to make that process easier than ever.

Vecchio, which translates to ‘old’ in Italian, was founded by Nouran Sleat and Seif El Attar last year when their friends suggested they use their fashion savviness to come up with their own brand. We sat down with them to find out more about their vintage garments, their inspiration, and their vision for the future.

How do you find the garments? And do you accept garment donations?

We scout for them at retailers, sellers, and sometimes auctions. We don’t accept donations yet, but when we do we won’t sell them; we will redesign them and give them to charity.

Do you renovate or redesign garments to fit with modern fashion?

Sometimes we redesign the garments, especially winter clothes, by remaking vintage garments into whatever we sketched. Other times we resell items we’ve already purchased as is, which is the case with some of our vintage shirts.

Are your products all unisex or are there some tailored just for men or women?

Most pieces are unisex; we encourage the idea of gender neutral garments. In some cases, however, the pieces are either too feminine or masculine.

What challenges do you face when scouting for new garments and marketing your brand?

Our main challenge lies in finding garments in good condition or finding ones that are new and unused. We have to make sure the fabric is of high quality, which takes time. As for the marketing, we run the entire business by ourselves on social media. While this makes the process a bit difficult, we try to reach out to people as much as we can.

Why is your brand considered sustainable? And how do you see the future of sustainable fashion in Egypt?

By using readymade garments, we prevent them from becoming waste and ending up in landfills. At the same time, we help decrease the need to consume new fabrics, which harms the environment through its fabrication process. We believe that sustainable fashion is going really well in Egypt and people are starting to pay more attention to the concept.

Your store only opens by appointment, why is that?

Our current financial status allowed us to have a small showroom, but we only open by appointment because we have no workers and we do everything on our own. It’s a very organic process.

What makes you stand out in the market?

We try to make our branding personalized and homemade; we do everything ourselves and reach out to people through friendly sustainable communities and social media.

Do you face an issue with the culture when it comes to buying vintage garments?

On the contrary; people get very excited about the pieces and attached to them when they learn about their history and the stories behind them.

To check out Vecchio’s collection and book an appointment, check out their Facebook page.

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