VOIDS: Cutouts in All the Right Places


With a mission to fill the gap for Egyptian women who face difficulties in finding good quality and stylish swimsuits, Farah Sarhan launched Voids.

Launched in 2017, Voids is an online shop dedicated to designing swimwear. A few months after its launch, the shop began designing yoga pants and casual tops as well.

“I’ve always had a passion for design, so it all started when I quit being an architect and I wanted to do something related to design and creativity. I got inspired by so many things, one of them were actually dance classes,” said Sarhan.

In fact, Sarhan’s desire to start designing started in dance classes. During practice she would watch others in their sports attire and sketch potential designs in her mind.

Model: Malak Mansour

All the designs, as indicated by the brand’s name, have voids in them; meaning they all have cutouts in certain places.

Sarhan also expressed how her study of architecture helped her in her career as a designer and how both careers, although very different, have similarities between them.

“In urban design, there’s a concept called solid and void, which inspired me and made me decide this would be my brand’s basic concept,” she said, noting that she uses the skills she acquired in architecture and applies them to her line.

Although she sometimes faces challenges with Egyptian tailors who refuse to work on her designs for religious reasons, Sarhan is now preparing for next summer’s collection.

“This summer I have plans to design some swimsuits for men, as well as beachwear for women that would follow the same concept of Voids,” confirmed Sarhan.

For orders/ more details, check their Facebook page

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