Use Your Smartphone to Take Professional, Instagram-Worthy Pictures


Nowadays, we depend on our smartphones to cater to all of our communication and entertainment needs. We want to share each and every moment of our lives with others and what better way to do so than by snapping a picture using your smartphone camera?

You may find that many times, the pictures just don’t look right. Not all of us can walk around with a DSLR camera all the time, though, and so we have compiled a list of comprehensive tips to help you elevate your smartphone picture game. Instagram fame, here we come!

Do Not, Under Any Circumstances, Use Zoom

The first rule of smartphone photography is that we neither talk about nor use any zoom features of smartphone cameras. They tend to pixilate the pictures and ruin their texture and crispness. Instead, manually get closer to your desired photography object and snap your picture to avoid having a grainy picture.

Keep Lighting in Mind

The best lighting is soft, natural lighting that you can only find outside. However, if you are talking an #ootd picture or a portrait, you never want to stand in harsh sunlight. Usually, the best way to go about it is to stand in the shade and face the sun; it will give you a subtle glow.

Bonus tip: The best timing to capture outdoor pictures is between 3:30 pm and 5:30 pm; these are your target hours for the most flattering lighting.

Soften Your Flash

Sometimes you just have to use flash because the surroundings are too dark and there isn’t enough lighting. The problem with using flash, however, is that it usually warps the picture’s colours, causes red-eye, and totally darkens the background. You can avoid some of these drawbacks by softening your flash. Use a thin piece of tissue paper or tape and place it over your flash. Just remember that this tip takes practice to perfect the results!

Clean Your Lens

Your phone has probably been lying around in your pocket all day or placed on several surfaces. That means the camera is probably stained. Make sure to always wipe your camera lens before snapping a picture to enhance the photo’s clarity.

Adjust Your Focus

Your phone is no magician, so don’t make it guess your object of focus. Simply tap over the area or object you want to focus on in your picture to adjust the focus. Bonus tip: You will notice a small sun icon appear next to the focus box when you tap your screen, move that sun icon upwards and downwards to choose your desired exposure level.

Use Your Grid

Many smartphone cameras have the grid feature, which basically splits your camera’s perspective into nine boxes. The grid will help you decide on your picture’s composition and where you want the main object of your picture to land in the picture. You can, for example, use the ‘Rule of Thirds,’ which means you will place your object in any of the intersecting points of the grid. This will make your pictures look well-balanced and will allow your viewer’s eyes to land on your object of focus more naturally.

Sharpen Your Pictures

This is the one tip many bloggers swear by. Sharpening your picture will make its details pop and, thus, make it look more professional. You can do that by using photo-editing apps like VSCO or Snapseed. What you want to do is increase the ‘sharpness,’ ‘clarity,’ and ‘structure’ of the photo.

Tone Down Your Filters

Beware of over-filtering your pictures. The best route to take is to use as little filters as possible. You can do that by manually toning down your filters and using just a fraction of their intensity. Remember, the whole point of filters is to enhance the details of the picture, not drown them out.

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