Urban Fight Night: Promoting Egypt’s Fighters


There have been fights that shook the world to its core in contact sports. Millions of people tuned in and paid attention as these gladiators battled honorably and courageously, leaving one victor but edging the names of both fighters in the history books.

On the 14th of April, 2018 at Palm Hills Club in 6th of October comes the third edition of Urban Fight Night, an event which is once again set up to showcase Egyptian fighters in their respective sports. With multiple Boxing, Kickboxing and MMA matches set for the night; all with the highest caliber of participants the Egyptian fight scene has to provide.

Egypt has recently seen an increased interest in contact sports with fighters emerging from society’s ranks and competing in international tournaments to great success. These sports have been cultivated by the emergence of clubs such as Fight and Fitness Factory (F3), Fitbox and Anubis Jiu-Jitsu club all bolstering contact sports to the forefront of the martial arts scene in Egypt.

These clubs have provided a breeding ground for competitors to advance their skills and turn their dreams and passion into a reality. Omar Dafrawy has been one of the biggest names to come out of this scene, holding several amateur fights in Egypt. As well as Ahmad Sayed who has participated in several amateur MMA fights and the list goes on to include Amir Esmael who was part of Desert Force and won several fights himself; with the addition of Asser Saleh, an increasingly competent fighter who will be showcasing his boxing skills at the third Urban Fight Night.

The first two events took place in June of 2016 and December of 2017. The hope is to spread awareness about MMA and other contact sports in Egypt and create a base of fighters that can represent the country internationally. Many of these fighters train twice a day while maintaining a full time job in order to pursue their passion. That level of commitment is vital in these sports and none of these competitors are there to give anything less than their “A game”.

In talking to Karim Konsowa one of the organisers of the event, he was very honest about his intentions for the night, “I am very passionate about Martial Arts” he said, therefore promoting amateur fighters and showcasing their skills is a passion he has maintained for a while. “We have some incredible talent in Egypt” he went on to say, so to get public attention on these skilled fighters, could in fact bolster Egypt’s image in the sport.

So if you have an interest in contact sports, this event is definitely for you. To get your tickets, visit e7gezly.com and follow the Facebook event for more information on the fights set for Saturday April 14th. If you are an enthusiast of any of these sports, this is not an event you want to miss.

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