Troufa: The Dessert Shop You Need to Visit this Ramadan


This week, instead of reviewing a restaurant, we decided to guide you to this Ramadan’s must-visit dessert shop. After all, everyone knows that desserts are the best thing about Ramadan (or let’s be honest, about life in general), so we picked Troufa Bread & Chocolate Egypt to see what it’s got to offer this holy month.

Because Ramadan is all about gathering at home with your friends and family, and because almost everyone eats at home due to the hot weather, we continued with the delivery spree.

Before we get to the food, we need to give you some quick (yet very important) advice. Don’t go to Troufa before Iftar. We promise you’ll get very hungry and won’t be able to continue fasting. The smell of their freshly baked desserts is almost impossible to resist, and we bet you’ll want to sneak a taste when you’re receiving your order.

Pictures Courtesy of their Facebook Page

Troufa has an extremely wide variety of desserts this Ramadan; a mix between traditional oriental desserts, as well as some western ones that can satisfy even the pickiest of eaters.

The oriental desserts menu includes dishes that any older family member or traditionalist would love, as well as some creative new items that are definitely worth a try. If we had to pick one from each category, we’d go for the original basbousa and the nutella baklava.

The basbousa is just like your grandmother’s (though you shouldn’t tell her that so as not to offend); it’s smooth, rich and has just the right amount of sweetness. The baklava, on the other hand, is innovative, crispy, and combines two amazing flavors in one mouth-watering dish. To be fair, nutella is good on everything, isn’t it?

We tried two of their Greek desserts; both of which were very new to us, but they honestly weren’t the best. Their Melomakarona (a honey-soaked Greek delicacy with nutmeg) and their Tsoureki (made with fresh Greek bread) did not seem as fresh or as tasty as their other plates. Perhaps this is because they’re not as highly demanded as the traditional options, but we’ll give them another chance after Ramadan. We did enjoy the opportunity to explore another culture though!

On another note, they have a selection of freshly baked bread sticks and biscuits with a variety of flavors and toppings that are more than perfect for suhoor. Filling, not too salty, and sinfully delicious, all you need to do is make sure you stop eating when you hear the fajr prayer. They’re also great for breakfast after the month of Ramadan.

Troufa has definitely outdone itself this year; its desserts managed to bring together the east and the west in perfect harmony. Pick a delicacy your family will love from the traditional desserts menu, or experiment with their array of creative desserts. Whatever you pick, you’re bound to leave with a smile on your face!

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