Top 10 corporate April Fools' pranks of 2017

1- Pizza Hut's Flying Pizza

Who doesn't love a fast pizza delivery?

2- BMW's Unicorn Hoods

Would be cool to fend off strangers.

3- Duolingo's Emoji Language

We know we don't need this class, know someone who does?

4- Honda's Emoji Microbus Sensation

Would be very useful to express your feelings in Cairo traffic.

5- Google Gnome

When technology becomes too much to handle.

6- Snickers Underwear

Now that's original.

7- Macdonald's All Blue Big Mac

Egyptian creativity at its best.

8- Emirates' Flight featuring an on-board pool party

"Fancy flights are better than normal flights" - said no one ever. Seriously, how much would a ticket to this aircraft cost?

9- Lexus' - Good For Ring Road - Lane Valet

Please be for real!

10- DHL's Jetpack Delivery

Can you carry us home instead?

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