These 8 Winter Trends Will Inspire Your Inner Fashionista


Winter is coming, and you have to be prepared. We dug into what’s been going on in Milan, Paris, New York and London to get you the best eight trends you can rock this season. So if you want to take your wardrobe to the next level, follow our lead and learn more about this winter’s fabulous trends!

Checkered Charm

The checkered pattern is all over the runways, shown in most of the fashion week shows this year. It is amazing to wear because it automatically reminds us of winter and can go with both classic and casual clothes -so it’s always a win.

Business Elegance

While summer is all about fun and parties, winter is all about getting down to business. The suit is the representor of a great business woman, so hop on the business train and prepare to rule the world!

Polka Dots Galore

The polka dot pattern has been trendy for a long time, and it is one of the most iconic patterns in the world. It can be retro, modern or futuristic, depending on how you’d like to wear it. In all cases, you’re bound to look amazing.

Leather Chic

Leather is the most used material this winter -and that’s some good news! It is amazing how adventurous you can be just by wearing a leather jacket or leather pants; they give you the adrenaline rush you need.

Faux Fabulous

You might think of fur as an expensive luxury item, but this season will be different, because it is the cool new item that can turn a normal mini dress into a runway-worthy look!

Fancy Shimmer

“Shine bright like a diamond” should be every girl’s favorite quote this season. Shimmery dresses and blouses are on the hot list this season, and they aren't only for clubbing anymore -now you can wear them all day long!

80’s Glamour

The 80’s was the era of statement colors and wild patterns, so designers decided to bring it back to life. Known for it’s amazing cuts and the creative use of different fabrics, the 80’s were all about experimentation, so don’t be afraid to try tweed, taffeta or even corduroys this year.

Sporty Comfort

It's time to get moving -and winter is the perfect time to start if you want to look great by the beach next summer. If you love looking chic but still want to feel comfy, then you can now go from the gym to an outing without changing your outfit.

Remember that not every trend can suit you. You can get inspired but don’t copycat a look from the runway if it doesn’t work. Try to make it your own and be the trendsetter, not the follower.

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