The Windfall: A Tale of Love, Family and Culture

The Windfall is about a newly-rich family, the Jhas, and how they stirred the lives of those around them when Mr. Jha made a fortune selling his website and decided to enjoy his newly acquired wealth by buying a bigger house in a luxurious neighbourhood. The book tells the story of Mr. and Mrs. Jha, an old couple who lived in an apartment complex their entire lives and one day found themselves preparing to move into one of the fanciest neighbourhoods in Delhi, India.

The story follows the Jhas starting from the moving process all the way to settling in. Mr. Jha is a hardworking man who decides to live a lush life and grant himself everything he has never been able to afford. Mrs. Jha is a sensible woman who -despite her husband's craze of having opulent everything from personal guards to a sofa studded with diamonds- is a simple woman who cares about her family more than anything. Rupak is their one and only son who was sent to do postgraduate studies abroad, whose inner struggle is between pursuing the life he wishes to live and the one his parents ever so blindly painted for him.

The story then reflects the Jhas' effect on their new neighbors: the Chopras family. Mr. Chopra is a very wealthy man whose greatest worries include losing his high income job, showing that he is wealthier than his neighbor, and how people see and think of his son, who is an aspiring poet. Another neighbor, Mr. Upen, is a previously married man whose life takes an unexpected turn with a single visit to his brother's neighbourhood. And finally, Mrs. Ray, the Jhas' old neighbour, is a widow who decides -despite all odds and gossiping neighbours- to pursue the modern life she has been secretly living.

Humor and comedy of manners are woven through Mr. Jha's and Mr. Chopra's ravenous need to impress each other in a competition of wealth and showing off one another's capability of owning lavish assets. The Windfall highlights how people's lives are connected, and how one simple change in one's life can lead to changes -both significant and small- to those surrounding them. It is a tale of family, wealth, humour, culture, and love. A tale that beautifully illustrates Indian traditions and brings India right to the palms of readers with a splash of humour; one that engages readers into a journey of culture exploration.

Genres: Contemporary, Fiction, Culture Publication Date: June 27th, 2017

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