The Walking Dead: 13 Unforgettable Moments to Pump You Up For Season 8


2010 marked the year The Walking Dead made its debut on TV, and here we are seven years later with no sign of it slowing down. With season 8 premiering on October 22, it will be the series’ 100th episode. To get you pumped up for the new season, we're taking you on a trip down memory lane in a recap of the most unforgettable moments of the last seven seasons.

SPOILER ALERT: Major spoilers from the season 7 finale will be in this article.

1. "A" - Season 4, Episode 16

The group that consisted of Rick, Michonne, and Carl take refuge near an abandoned car when they are attacked by the claimers. This scene showed the viewers Rick’s animalistic side for the first time; seeing Daryl almost beaten to death and Carl almost raped , Rick has no other option than to rip the throat of the leader with his teeth.

2. "Better Angels" - Season 2, Episode 12

One of the most unforgettable moments is Shane's death. Having lost his sanity and killing several people to ensure his survival, Rick finally concludes that he needs to put Shane down to ensure the safety of his group. First stabbed by Rick, and then shot when reanimated as a walker.

3. "Coda" - Season 5, Episode 8

This episode is rated one of the most watchable episodes due to the unexpected death that shocked the audience. When the group goes to the Atlanta Hospital to rescue both Beth and Carol, the viewers breathe a sigh of relief, thinking that they've succeeded. However, all hell breaks loose when Dawn, the leader of the Atlanta Hospital group, shoots Beth in the head.

4. "Hearts Still Beating" - Season 7, Episode 8

The moment viewers have been waiting for since the beginning of the season: the reunion of Rick and Daryl. Daryl, who was captured, held prisoner, and tortured by Negan, was finally able to escape and reunite with his friends, giving Rick the push he needs to finally declare war on Negan.

5. "Killer Within" - Season 3, Episode 4

A heart-wrenching moment that without a doubt left every single viewer in tears is the moment Lori decides to give up her life to make sure that her baby lives. After a tearful goodbye between her and Carl, Carl is forced to shoot Lori in the head after she dies so that she does not turn into a walker.

6. "Last Day on Earth" - Season 6, Episode 16

Eeny, meeny, miny, moe! There is no doubt that Negan's first appearance on the show will forever be drilled in everyone's mind. Bringing with him his undeniable charisma and extreme brutality, Negan proves to be the show's worst and most sadistic villain.

7. "Sing Me a Song" - Season 7, Episode 7

After Carl loses his eye, everyone wondered what that bandage covers, and we got our answer a season later when Carl infiltrated Negan's sanctuary. Negan performed psychological torture on him by making him reveal his wound -making him break down and cry for the first time in years.

8. "Something They Need" - Season 7, Episode 15

We’ve grown used to Negan's brutality and sadistic nature -especially after watching the man burning people's faces with a hot iron. You would think that he wouldn't care about what happens to his prisoners, but he proves us all wrong when he kills David, one of his saviors, after catching him trying to rape Sasha. After putting a knife through his neck, he says to Sasha that he might be a brutal man, but that he isn't a monster.

9. "The Day Will Come When You Won't Be" - Season 7, Episode 1

After making his appearance and giving a terrifying speech to the group, Negan proceeds to kill Glenn. Readers of the comic already knew Glenn's fate, but seeing its brutality on TV -combined with the shocking death of Abraham- the audience were left gasping and out of breath from those barbarous and unforgettable deaths.

10. "The First Day For the Rest of Your Life" - Season 7, Episode 16

Like the fate of many others before her, Sasha startled everyone when she emerged from the casket as a walker. Having taken a suicide pill beforehand, Sasha decides that she would rather die than join Negan, and that she would take him with her. Even though she fails to kill him, she still gives her group enough distraction for them to get the upper hand in their war against Negan and his saviors.

11. The First Day for the Rest of Your Life" - Season 7, Episode 16

Shiva comes to the rescue and saves our favorite little serial killer Carl when he's about to become one of the newest victims of Negan's Lucille. Jumping through the air and pounding on one of the saviors, Shiva distracts the saviors for the sake of Kingdom and Hilltop who came to rescue Alexandria.

12. "This Sorrowful Life" - Season 3, Episode 15

Daryl is known to be one of the strongest, toughest members of the group, but he was able to shatter millions of hearts when he finds his brother Merle, the only member of his family, dead and reanimated as a walker. He proceeds to stab his brother numerous times until finally stabbing him in the head, breaking down afterwards in tears. The viewers were left traumatized after seeing Daryl cry for the first time.

13. "Too Far Gone" - Season 4, Episode 8

Hershel, one of the most beloved characters on the show, loses the fight for survival to the sadistic governor. The producers of the show shocked the entire nation when they had the governor, the villain of seasons 3 and 4, cut off Hershel's head in front of his family and friends using Michonne's Katana.

We don’t know about you, but we can’t wait to lay eyes on the soon-to-be-epic season 8!

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