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Walking through the city of Cairo, one can encounter various scenery that can resemble different eras of the Egyptian history. Downtown Cairo in particular can take you through an escape from the modern life that we live, to a mixture of architectural styles and designs that might be breathtaking. A walk through the capital’s downtown area was in order, to discover the splendour architecture that might be buried within its bygone walls, and the newly refurbished buildings. With different architectural intelligence, the walk happenstances different scenery in different instances that will catch ones architectural sense.

Architecture is complemented with an array of furniture and pieces that add to the design. So does downtown Cairo, with antique and souvenir stores that complement the essence of the space. 17-04-2016 Architecture is a form of art that one can express through feelings and emotions, and downtown Cairo remains a hub for artists with different interests. 17-04-2016 During the mid 19th century, when downtown was built, the architectural concept of having high ceilings was crucial as to balance the temperature in alternating seasons. 17-04-2016 Lights are one of the elements that can show the architectural beauty of French architecture in downtown Cairo. 17-04-2016 It is not rare in downtown Cairo to see a blend of different architectural styles, from Baroque, Art Deco, and French New-Baroque to Arabesque, all in one building, if not one element; the main door of the building. 17-04-2016

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