The Top 10 TV Adaptations You Need to Watch

"The proof of evolution lies in those adaptations that arise from improbable foundations." -Stephen Jay Gould

All around us, there are amazing books that we fall in love with, and our biggest wish is to see them transferred onto the big screen. Of course, sometimes this TV adaptation turns out to be a complete failure, but sometimes -like the ones mentioned in this list- it becomes a smashing success that makes us fall in love with the original work even more.

1. Harry Potter

When Harry receives a mysterious letter one day, he finds himself thrown into a new world; a world filled with magic, potions and supernatural creatures -and forced to fight an evil he never imagined existed.

It has been six years since the last Harry Potter movie hit the big screen, and ten years since the book hit bookshelves all over the world. However, even after several years, Harry Potter is still considered one of the greatest works ever created

2. Lord of the Rings

A hobbit living a normal and peaceful life finds himself on a quest against an evil power that threatens to destroy the entire world and humanity.

Lord of the Rings is one of the most expensive and famous movies ever created, due to the enormous amount of work on set, makeup...etc. But it was all worth it, because it is still the most famous trilogy ever made.

3. The Perks of Being a Wallflower

A shy, introverted boy who’s just starting his freshman year finds himself taken under the wings of two seniors who show him the beauty of life and how to truly live it.

One of the most mysterious books out there due to the many questions it left unanswered. Still, The Perks of Being a Wallflower became an instant hit, especially with teenagers who were able to relate to it.

4. Me Before You

Lou, a shy, naive girl, is stuck with obnoxious Will. But Will holds a dark secret, a secret that’s going to change Lou’s life forever.

If you're a sucker for those hopeless romantic stories that always end up with you balling your eyes out, then this is the movie for you. A naïve girl finds herself in a hard situation when she needs to give a man who was recently paralyzed hope for life, and reasons to keep on living.

5. The Lovely Bones

A girl who was brutally raped and murdered finds herself stuck between two worlds, and the only way to be free is to guide her family to her killer -who is closer than they know.

A book that will grasp your heart and shatter it to million pieces, and a movie that will do much worse. Alice Sebold’s The Lovely Bones takes every parent’s worst nightmare and brings it to life.

6. 13 Reason Why

When Clay comes home from school one day to find a package waiting for him, he never expected that it would be from Hannah, his friend that killed herself. But Clay is about to be hit with Hannah’s darkest secrets, 13 secrets to be exact.

The original NETFLIX TV series had a lot controversy surrounding it due to its graphic scenes of rape and suicide. However, those same scenes are what made the series a huge success; as it tackles a lot of issues such as sexual assault, suicide, bullying, and how one single word can be the cause of someone's downfall

Warning: Children or adults suffering from any issues with depression or suicide should not watch.

7. Game of Thrones

A war reaches its peak when a battle between secreal royal families ignites to see who will eventually win the Iron Throne.

There is no denial that Game of Thrones has swept the entire world off its feet, with its amazing storyline, the outstanding performance of the cast, and special effects used to bring the books to life.

8. The Fault in our Stars

Hazel Grace had her life figured out, what was left of it anyways. But a chance meeting with a cancer survivor holds more unexpected turns than she expected.

Who doesn't love a John Green novel? This story rips our hearts right out of our chests as we follow the relationship of two cancer patients who fall in love and bond over their love of books and their desire to keep on living.

9. Before I Fall

Sam finds herself repeating that dreadful day she died over and over again, now she must follow the clues to end that loop and perhaps save a life.

A twisted and dark movie similar to the 1993 movie Groundhog Day, where a high school student find out that she's repeating the same day over and over again, always ending with death.

10. Memoirs of a Geisha

Sayuri thought her life ended the day she and her sister were sold, but what she didn’t know that it was her destiny. A destiny that holds great power and fortune, but most importantly, love.

“A story like mine has never been told” -a line that stayed with everyone who fell in love with this movie. The story follows the life of a poor girl from a fishing village who was sold by her family but ended up being the most famous Geisha that ever existed.

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