The Best Office Looks for Her

You might think that the office requires a certain clothing style that is closer to a uniform, but it really doesn’t. You can make your office your own daily runway, your own fashion show.

You can create a lot of office looks with a few clothing items; all you need is a nice blouse, work-appropriate pants or skirt and a nice accessory that will complement the look. You need to look stylish yet professional, colorful yet serious, as well as feminine and smart. So we gathered the perfect looks to get you inspired!

The Accountant:

You live with numbers and you love it, it is your dream job and you are good at it. You have the look of a bank manager and you can hold the responsibility right and tight. You are very organized and strict about your work; your watch is the watch people set their time to. When you think about clothes, all you think about is how practical and simple they are -so we got you the perfect outfit for your lifestyle, an outfit that you can wear easily and feel comfortable in while achieving your dream.

The Lawyer:

You live by law and order. You have a higher purpose in life and you want to be the savior of innocent people behind bars. This outfit is for you, lady justice. It is the perfect match for your job and personality. You love dark, serious colors because they make you look more professional and wise. That’s okay -just don’t make it all dark; give the people a hint of white or even just a light color that will make your clients have hope in their open cases. We got you a great suggestion guaranteed to dazzle at the courthouse.

The Editor:

A leader like you will need no guidance, but we will do our best to please a great woman like you. You run a magazine like you run your own country; wise decisions, strict orders and sharp opinions, but that doesn’t mean that you are not feminine. We got you a colorful outfit that will reflect the feminine side of your character while still looking professional.

The Doctor:

You are the one everyone goes to when they need help, so you like looking sharp, professional and smart. You live in action all the time, getting calls from everywhere telling you to come as quickly as possible, so you will need an outfit that is practical and stylish at the exact same time. We’ve got you -this outfit will make people heal without taking any medication.

The Copywriter:

You are creative, smart, funny and different. Your head is full of crazy stuff and a lot of words. You love being a little bit sarcastic once in a while. You live for writing and everyone just loves your words. You have your own slang and you speak it fluently. You like being the girl with too much information in the group. So we’ve got you the perfect outfit -you just need to own it and rock it.

You can go to work wearing whatever you want, whether it is a simple outfit or a crazy one. But the more important moral here is to just be yourself; to achieve your dreams and never surrender to what society will say. And don’t forget what Queen B said: “Who rule the world? Girls!”

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