The Benefits of Fasting: A New Celebrity Craze


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Ramadan is just around the corner, and while the heat scorches us throughout the day, we find solace in this holy month to deprive ourselves of food and water for long periods of time, be more charitable, and get closer to the family. While fasting can be difficult for some, there are undeniable benefits to the act itself; so much so that celebrities now are doing what is referred to as ‘intermittent fasting.’ These are just some of the many benefits fasting has to offer.

1. Cleanses and Revitalises

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In studies carried out on intermittent fasting, it was found that going for a long period of the day without eating or drinking allows the body to have a sort of ‘system update.’ The body begins a cellular repair process in which waste material is removed from the cells, as well as alterations that occur to genes and molecules that relate to protection against disease.

2. Better Than Diet and Exercise

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A study published on the online journal Frontiers in Physiology found that while people who went on traditional dies and exercised did see results, those who did intermittent fasting were able to maintain the weight loss much longer. So while both methods work, in the long run intermittent fasting seems to have it for the win.

3. Age Slower

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When the body is deprived of food, alert systems eventually go up and the body must take care of itself. Fasting instigates what is called ‘adaptive cellular stress responses,’ which result in an ability to deal with more stress and fight disease.

4. Productivity

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The body has a finite amount of energy in it, and eating and digesting uses up 40 to 70 percent of it throughout the day. Once the body is trained that food is only going to appear at a certain time, it begins adapting, and a person is able to utilize a lot more of their energy during the day before eating at night and allowing the digestion process to occur in the least productive time of day.

5. Wolverine Did it

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Hugh Jackman, the actor behind the iconic X-Men’s Wolverine, has not been shy about the way he managed to get an incredible physique for the 2013 film. He explained that he adopted what is called the 16:8 rule, which basically means that he had an eight-hour window to consume his astounding 5,000 daily calories. A study from the University of Virginia has found that growth hormone secretion increases significantly by fasting; so maybe Ramadan would be the best time to work on that summer body.

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