The 5 Best Wedding Season Looks For Him

Summer weddings are almost here, so it’s time to find out how you can be the man the ladies want to talk to. Your outfit says a lot about you, and can strongly affect the first impression someone has about you -so why not impress them at first sight?You can’t miss this chance to be the Don Juan every woman dreams of. We’re about to take you onboard the fashion train, so hop on and enjoy the ride!

You can’t miss this chance to be the Don Juan every woman dreams of. We’re about to take you onboard the fashion train, so hop on and enjoy the ride!

1- The Playboy

Ladies are warned about you. You are a playboy who’s single and ready to mingle. You can flirt with a different girl everyday -no strings attached. You are the perfect wingman for every man to get his dream girl. You teach your friends how to flirt, but you know they’ll never be better at it than you. You are a party boy, a player and a charmer -so complete the character with the right outfit because no one can pull it off but you!

2- The Inner Peace Man

You are the chilled dude every girl want to be with. Your passion lies in keeping your mind clear and having a moment of inner peace. You love nature; the sea, the land and the skies. You live for yoga, you train every morning and your relaxing bath is the most important time of the day. You live for perfection, so your style needs to be perfect as well -and we’ve got the perfect outfit for a happy occasion like this.

3- The Sensitive Man

You actually care, listen and you offer people a shoulder to cry on when needed. You are confident enough around the ladies that you have an older man’s experience in a young man’s body. You are the therapist of your group; you can find every solution they need and comfort them with your sweet talking. So let your outfit mirror your character and be as sharp and smart as you are.

4- The Modern Gatsby

You are the muse to every elegant guy in any event you attend. You are mysterious and deep, like a locked vault that no one seems to know how to open. People can see the great you; the one that loves parties and living life to the fullest. You are like a white sheet of paper with magic ink that no one can read, so get the look you deserve -the look that will keep them in the dark.

5- The Rebel

You don’t follow the rules -you think rules are for the weak. You live every day like it is your last. You think age is just a number -and you act like it. You live for action and adventures; you don’t like staying in the same place for too long. Just be yourself and don’t change that for a wedding. Live young, live free and live forever in style with this outfit suggestion -we know you will love it.

Remember, clothes don’t make a man; they just shape him into a nice-looking one. Your character is the main hero, so let it shine!

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