TBT – 8 Comedy Shows That’ll Take You Back in Time


The saying is true: Old is –indeed– Gold. Yes, we now have a plethora of modern comedies to make us laugh, but sometimes –especially during those cold winter nights– we just want to sit back and take a trip down memory lane. After all, nothing beats the classics.


The master of all things classic, this show just had to be first on the list. Watching it as children and later realizing that a lot of the jokes went over our heads at the time, we can now truly relate to the words of the Friends theme song. No one ever told us that life would be this way –but at least we can learn to laugh at ourselves now and then.


Who wouldn’t love a show about nothing? You read that right: nothing. Just the life and times of a comedian (who can’t really act, but we love him nonetheless), and his three equally bizarre friends. From waiting in a Chinese restaurant and never getting a table, to getting banned by a scary Soup Nazi, this show is just one of those classics that make us chuckle and long for simpler times.


A radio psychiatrist who loves opera, sherry and fine dining –it’s no wonder that kids never really took to Frasier when they were young. But after watching it as adults, we love seeing what crazy problem Dr. Crane will get himself into next! The Cheers spinoff has the perfect balance between utter sophistication and downright silliness.

Dharma & Greg

Building up on the notion that opposites attract, this show always has us cracking up! Dharma, the yoga instructor, and Greg, the uptight lawyer, are always struggling to make things work –especially since their families are both equally eccentric. On a deeper level, this comedy really accentuates the importance of knowing when to compromise.

Ally McBeal

Way before Scrubs started doing it in 2001, Ally McBeal created the concept of the spaced out character with the wild imagination. Ally could visualize herself killing her boss with a dreamy smile on her face, or seeing dancing babies in the middle of her bedroom. Her silly, quirky character was impossible to hate. She wasn’t on drugs, we promise!


Like Frasier, the star of Becker became the sensation that he is today after his role on Cheers. Taking a break from his previous character as a bartender and ladies’ man, his role on Becker as a continually cranky doctor with a quirky assistant makes us love him even more.

Full House

No matter how young we were, almost every little girl who watched Full House had a crush on John Stamos. We got to laugh at baby Michelle as the young Olsen twins traded places for her role, and we got to understand that love and laughter can come out of any tragedy. Even though the plot begins after the girls’ mother was killed by a drunk driver, the funny situations we see later on give us hope in seeking solace in our families.

Saved by the Bell

Before we became bombarded by shows about schools filled with vampires and secret killers, Saved by the Bell allowed us to look into the funny lives of a group of super silly students –and when of them is named ‘Screech,’ what else could we expect? We couldn’t really relate to the comedy, but they made us laugh nonetheless. What type of high school tells kids to pretend that they’re married couples for home economics class, anyway?

What about you? What shows give you that priceless nostalgic feeling? Let us know in the comments!

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