Six Tips for Being More Energetic

We all get those days where we really can’t get out of bed in the morning. Day after another, we get even lazier and we find out that a week has passed with no productivity whatsoever; we’ve missed our favorite yoga class, did not catch-up with friends and did not get all our work done.

Most of us then resort to unhealthy ways or ones that do not really help; like drinking energy drinks, sleeping too much or just relying on caffeine all the time.

To avoid that, we present you with six tips that would help you become more energetic and lead a healthier lifestyle:

1- Drink plenty of water, first thing in the morning

Drinking water has uncountable benefits. Dehydration, even when minor, automatically causes headaches, fatigue and lack of concentration. So drink water regularly to remain refreshed and well-concentrated.

2- Have a good balanced breakfast

NEVER skip breakfast. A balanced breakfast helps you throughout the day and gets you ready to work for longer periods of time. Remember : A good breakfast does not mean a heavy one!

3- Walk for as long as you can

Walking enhances your energy and helps your body function more effectively, you know that already. To freshen yourself and get even more energetic, try walking in daylight, especially if you usually work in an indoors area. Even better, listen to music while walking, this will definitely boost your mood too.

4- Eat snacks frequently

Snacks, especially when healthy light ones, boost your energy throughout the day and keep your body functioning at its best. When drained, dizzy or tired, always go for a banana or a fresh juice. This will definitely make you feel better.

5- Minimize your use of electronic devices

We all do the same mistake, go to bed tired, yet spend so much time scrolling down our phones before we sleep. This activity engages our brains, makes it more difficult for us to sleep and affects our sleeping patterns.

Also, throughout the day, if you have some free time, preferably walk outdoors and admire the beauty of nature, rather than look at a screen, lose time and get even lazier.

6- Avoid eating late

Eating late at night causes digestion troubles that automatically translate into stress, turbulent sleep and a lazy morning. Try drinking water before going to bed for a good night sleep and eat a fruit in case of hunger.

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