Six Steps to Get Your Perfect Tan Safely


It’s beach time and we all want to get that perfect bronzy look. However, tanning can be tricky and it can easily end in disaster. Instead of risking a sunburn, stay on the safe side and follow these six simple steps that will guarantee great results!

1. Put on Sunscreen

We know you think that you shouldn’t use sunscreen while tanning, but that’s a huge myth. Use sunscreen with a low SPF to ensure some protection so you can keep your skin safe from ultraviolet rays - it won’t affect your results, we promise!

2. Choose the Right Time

Sitting in the sun during the hottest hours won’t give you a tan any faster; instead you’ll just end up with a sunburn. Choose the hours before noon and just before sunset.

3. Don’t Sit for Too Long

Sleeping in the sun is the worst idea ever; only expose yourself to the sun for five to 10 minutes at a time. By end of the week, you’ll see amazing results minus the pain of sunburnt skin.

4. Use Tanning Oil

Tanning oils are great and can be used after sunscreen to give you that tanned look you’ve been dying to show off all summer.

5. Moisturize

This is a very important step that everybody forgets. Your skin has collagen and other proteins that keep it elastic, so if you don’t moisturize after sun exposure it will get dry and damaged from the heat.

6. Hydrate

Drink enough water so you can to keep your skin hydrated. Drink before, during, and after your visit to the beach. Add a twist of lemon, cucumber, or mint to your water to encourage yourself to drink more!

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