Road to 27: A Journey to the Hidden Beauty of Egypt

(Fayoum, courtesy of Road to 27)

A group of Egyptian youth initiated “Road to 27” this year, a project that consists of visiting the 27 governorates in Egypt, in order to promote the beauty of each and every one of them.

“We mainly want to bring light to the unlocked potential of every corner of this great country and its people,” said Hussein Heiba, founder of Road to 27.

Heiba expressed his love and appreciation towards his country and its people, and how such feelings pushed him to do something that would serve Egypt, a desire he always wanted to achieve.

(Nile River, courtesy of Road to 27)

“It was a New Year Resolution. I have been fortunate enough to achieve some of my personal goals for 2016 that I’ve decided that in 2017 it's time to truly get to know my country inside out and if in anyway I can give back to it, it is the time do that,” he added.

To achieve their goal of raising awareness and truly promoting their country, members of Road to 27 share videos and pictures on social media after each visit for Egyptians and foreigners to get to know the country better.

“Most importantly, I try to enjoy and have fun. Each governorate has its own beauty and I enjoy discovering those hidden gems,” said Heiba.

(Beni Sweif, courtesy of Road to 27)

Their project did not stop here. After a few visits, they decided to leave their footsteps in each governorate they visit and help the less fortunate. For now, they visit orphanages, spend a day playing with the kids and leave them with souvenirs brought specially for them.

Other than that, group members just visit the locals, get to know their customs and traditions and spend sometime having fun, all together.

“I aim to bring the people together. We should no longer think as separate governorates but rather as one people in one nation, sticking by one another. With this mentality, the sky is the limit if the people start acting as one,” said Heiba.

Heiba, as well as other group members wish to take their project to an even higher level. Visiting the 27 governorates and promoting their treasures is only the first step.

“First comes the visit. Then comes the change. I would want to make sure I do everything I can to bring all 27 to the full potential they possess,” said Heiba.

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