Reminder: It’s Just a Job!


A few days ago, I stumbled upon a Facebook post that caught my attention because of the shockingly high number of people who could relate to it. The gist of the post was that people should not kill themselves for their jobs because if they die, their employers will probably find a replacement within one week.

It sounds awful and bleak, but it’s true. It doesn’t mean employers have no hearts, but when it’s a large corporation, the show must go on, my friend!

The words in the post could not ring truer for me. I spent years surviving on laughable amounts of sleep and spending most of my day in traffic. I spent the week waiting for the weekend (which always felt like it was five minutes long), and my day consisted of waking up at six a.m., going to work, coming back home (after driving for two hours) and watching reruns on TV until I slept. I felt 40 and I hadn’t even hit 25 yet.

Yes, we’ve got to work and have jobs –but we don’t need to kill ourselves doing so. The number of 20-year-olds I’ve seen with back problems and health issues is growing tremendously, all because they’re stressed out. They drive for hours, they smoke cigarettes to calm themselves down, and they barely sleep –and we’re wondering why today’s young adult is so depressed?

Don’t stay at the office after your working hours; go out, eat good food, see your friends! Take up hobbies, play sports and, most importantly, take care of yourself. If a soulless corporation is taking advantage of you, make a decision to find employers who respect your personal life. You are a human being, not a machine.

I’m not telling you to quit your job and travel the world, because these dreams are oftentimes unrealistic and they just tend to make people feel even more depressed about their circumstances. Work and build a career, but understand that at the end of the day it’s just a job!

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