Remarkable Arabic Feminist Movies You Should See


Over the years, Arab filmmakers have been telling us stories about women who can’t speak up for themselves. Whether these stories discuss breaking stigmas, fighting for equality, or looking for love, they turned into great movies that we should all be proud of.

The Best of Times

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Salma receives anonymous letters and digs into her past to look for clues. Starring Hanan Turk and directed by Hala Khalil.


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Lyal, a young pretty girl who works in a ladies salon, faces life and love in Lebanon along with her coworkers. Starring and directed by Nadine Labaki.


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Sammar and Mariam are two young ladies from different social classes. They end up becoming best friends - until they both fall for the same man. Starring Yousra and Ilham Chahine and directed by Inas Al Degheidy.

Hend And Kamelia’s Dreams

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Two women struggle to live and pursue their dreams in 1980’s Egypt. Starring Naglaa Fathi and Ayda Reyad, and directed by Mohamed Khan.


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A woman suffering from AIDS fights for her life and right to live by giving others AIDS patients hope. Starring Hend Sabri and directed by Amr Salama and Ihab Amr.


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A poor girl who works for rich people carries hopes and dreams until the 2011 events take place and change everything. Starring Menna Shalabi and directed by Hala Khalil.


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Three women decide to stand against sexual harassment in Egypt. Staring Nelly Karim, Bushra, and Nahed Al Sebai, and directed by Mohamed Diab.

Looking For Oum Kulthum

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An Iranian filmmaker struggles to make a movie about the legendary Oum Kulthum. Starring Yasmine Raees and directed by Shirin Neshat and Shoja Azari.

The Open Door

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An Egyptian woman is lost between ideologies in the war as well as men who claim to lover her. Starring Faten Hamama and directed by Henry Barkat.

I Am Free

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A young lady who doesn’t fit in with her society tries breaking all the rules in search for freedom. Starring Lobna Abd El Aziz and directed by Salah Abu Seif.

Factory Girl

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Hayam is a girl who falls in love with her supervisor at the factory and things take an unexpected turn. Starring Yasmine Raees and directed by Mohamed Khan.

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