Ralph’s German Bakery: A European Breakfast Experience


Living in the city means trying out new things and experimenting with different cuisines. This week we decided to pay more attention to morning people and search for the perfect spot for breakfast, brunch, and midday snacks, so we decided to try out Ralph’s German Bakery.

Ralph’s German Bakery is open in Dahab, South Sinai and Maadi, Cairo. It’s a bakery and coffee house that offers European cuisine, from breakfast and sandwiches to salads and desserts. We visited the Maadi branch located after the Sakanat metro station.

When we arrived we noticed that the place has a cozy atmosphere as well as a charming outdoor area. Upon ordering, the waiter informed us that most of the items were sold out, and that some items are not made on a daily basis, like the carrot cake for example. There is only one table inside as the indoor area is small, so we decided to opt for a table in the spacious outdoor area.

The Orange juice

We were thirsty so we ordered a café latte and orange juice as soon as we came in. They arrived after about ten minutes, which seemed like too much time since they were just beverages, but we decided not to judge until we tasted the food. The orange juice was freshly squeezed and refreshing, but it should have been served cold. The latte was good, and you can adjust your caffeine shot depending on how sleepy you are.

The Latte

After more than 30 minutes, the food finally arrived. We ordered the Swiss Sandwich as well as the Ralph’s Burger, both of which were served with fries. The Swiss Sandwich, which included three types of cheese and cucumber, was flavorful; the ingredients tasted fresh and the portion was filling so it would be great for breakfast.

The Swiss Sandwich

The burger and the fries, on the other hand, were both served cold which was really disappointing. The burger itself was well cooked and all the toppings (eggs, tomatoes, lettuce, and mayo) were tasty so it would be a satisfying option for lunch or dinner - if it’s served at the right temperature, that is.

Ralph's Burger

After finishing our meals, we were finally ready for dessert. We tried their signature Apple Strudel, which included apples and raisins cooked with cinnamon and stuffed inside puffed pastry. However, the apples and raisins were too overpowering compared to the pastry.

The apple Strudle

On the bright side, the Honey Cake was the best we’d ever tried; it was moist, creamy, and the honey tasted perfectly sweet.

The Honey Cake

The staff was very hospitable and they even offered us free water for visiting them for the first time. Most of the items are reasonably priced, except for the sandwiches which we thought were quite overpriced. Although the food takes forever to prepare, the place is still great for having breakfast with friends or a quick dessert after work.

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