RE-MOVE: The Challenge that Changed My Life


At the young age of nine, I attended my very first basketball practice in Heliopolis Sporting Club (HSC) and became a member of the club’s team. Time passed by and ten years later, I was put in a difficult situation; either continue playing basketball at HSC or quit the team. After weighing out my pros and cons of leaving the only sport I liked and was committed to at that time, I decided to quit basketball at the age of 19.

Three years passed and at the age of 22 I still couldn’t find a sport I wanted to engage in. My sister, however, began taking private fitness sessions with Ali Ismail, Head Coach of MOVE, to strengthen her fitness skills. She kept trying to persuade me to join the program, but I was too lazy for a commitment that had to do with running and carrying weights.

MOVE is a functional training program set in Gezira Sporting Club (GSC) founded by Ali Ismail, a certified FR Therapist and a strength and conditioning coach. With MOVE, you’ll never have the same practice plan twice in a row; each day of the week focuses on certain body parts using different skills (i.e. Tuesday – Track and Field, Wednesday – Explosive Power…etc.)

In addition to Ismail, MOVE includes other coaches: AlHassan Mourad, Mohamed Abbas, Aliaa El Goan, Aisha El Kolali, Samia Hagras and Ali El Tawil. Approximately one year ago, Amr Reda, a certified fitness nutrition coach who has over 350 transformation plans, joined MOVE.

Combining the experience of Ismail and Reda together, a new transformation challenge, RE-MOVE, was created with the aim to change an athlete’s lifestyle.

I joined Season 2 of RE-MOVE. At first, I thought I’d never be committed to daily training sessions, but after my first practice, my heart was singing a different tune. One month has passed, seemingly a short period of time, but during this month I have been through a lot.

I was pushed and encouraged by the coaches at times where I felt I couldn’t continue this program. I had the chance to meet and socialize with new friends, but I would wait till the clock hit seven pm to get ready for the workout. I now drink around four liters of water daily and follow a custom made nutrition plan. MOST IMPORTANTLY, my cravings and habit of always eating McDonald’s, KFC, Hardee’s, and all other junk food chains has decreased drastically compared to the beginning of the challenge.

I would like to thank each and every coach for all their hard work throughout this past month. I would also like to thank each and every coach for helping me accomplish a goal I’ve been trying to accomplish for the past six years. Finally, as a RE-MOVE Athlete and Addict, I recommend that everyone (regardless of your age) who’s willing to chase a healthy lifestyle to join the fun in Season 3!

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