Pick a Street Launches its Second Volume

Last year, around the same time, we found artists performing in various Cairene streets, spreading awareness about a specific cause; hearing impaired children. The initiative established by R Productions is back again, but this time, it is going beyond the streets of Cairo!

Shehab Kasseb performs in El Gouna. Picture by: Nada Mawsouf

Pick A Street (PAS) is a project that aims to impact the society using music and art; where musicians, magicians and dancers showcase their talents every weekend for a period of a month. Together with Waslet Kheir, a charity organization, donations are collected through a donation box that is always displayed during acts. All money donated is then utilized in cochlear implants for the children.

PAS's Youngest Donor! Picture by: Nada Mawsouf

PAS released the promo for the second volume produced by Peace Cake Productions featuring Dorra, Sara Sabry, Sherif Ramzy, Hesham Maged, Hisham Kharma and several celebrities that people love and follow. All the prominent figures used sign language to sing the lyrics of renowned song “3aly Sotak” by Mounir.

Here is a link to the video: https://www.facebook.com/pickastreet/videos/1029492133850583/

The second volume of PAS kicked off in Gouna, as PAS made it their goal to entertain vacationers, and inform them about the cause with the help of CIB and NRJ, a private French radio station. Tunes were played, guitars were strummed, choruses were chanted and magic tricks were sparkled all over the Marina, Downtown, Moods Beach and the Clubhouse for three consecutive days. The audiences not only showed support and appreciation to the cause by donating generous amounts, but also asked for encores!

Hassan Ramzy and Khaled El Agaty performance in Gouna. Picture by: Nada Mawsouf

The playlist for the first weekend included: Hassan Ramzy, Khaled El Agaty, Ahmed Sobhy, Nelly Cassis, Danny Malak, Shady El-Agamy, Safi, High on Body Fat and Shehab Kasseb. To add a little bit of adrenaline, Moustapha Berjaoui, an award-winning mentalist, flabbergasted the audience with his sleight of hand and psychological intelligence.

Moustapha Berjaoui awing the audience with his skills! Picture by: Nada Mawsouf

For the upcoming three weekends, PAS will be taking over the streets of Zamalek, Maadi, Tagamo3, Sheikh Zayed, Downtown, Mohandeseen and more! They will be coming to the street right next to your house, so keep yourself updated through their Facebook (facebook.com/pickastreet) and Instagram (@pickastreet) accounts!

Danny Malak and Shady Al Agamy perform for Pick a Street! Picture by: Nada Mawsouf

For this year’s finale, which will be a concert around mid-May featuring Massar Egbari and Sharmoofers, Ramzy announced that there will be 12 other bands playing, and that they “have a huge surprise!”

Next performance: Friday, April 21, 2017 in Cairo Festival City, Tagamo3 In collaboration with Biker Zone Expo

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