Pick A Street Hosts Grand Finale for Second Volume

Last Saturday, goodwill initiative Pick A Street held a massive event to celebrate the successful completion of its second volume, hosting more than 2,000 people at Cairo Festival City. The event included live music, as well as a variety of food and beverage booths.

For eight consecutive hours, a lineup of talented artists took to the stage and entertained the crowd; including Danny Malak, Karkadan , Sada That , Khayal , Young Pharoz , Hassan Ramzy , and the F.A.M., Osama El Hady , Massar Egabri and Sharmoofers.

Before Massar Egabri took to the stage, facebook personality , Marwan Younis hyped up the event. A day before, he had asked people to send videos of themselves singing so he could share them with his followers. Then, during the event, Younis picked people from the crowd to perform for the crowd, revealing a variety of hidden talents.

In addition to the music and the food, we asked the artists about what they liked most about the event. “I really liked the spirit of the team, and how respectable they are. I also loved the stage!” said Osama El Hady.

He continued, “There was this kind of energy surrounding the venue; one that’s full of happiness. I felt like the event revolved around people who love charity work and love making others happy [PAS team], bringing together others who feel happy when they play music [artists], to make an even larger group of people happy [the attendees].”

Hassan Ramzy, founder of R-Productions, told us, “The event was very successful overall. People worked very hard and made it happen. There were a few setbacks, but it was all sorted out in the end.”

PAS received great support this volume, as more people have become aware of their aim; busking for a cause. Donations were collected throughout the course of a month, and will be utilized by, Waslet Kheir , their partner, to operate on hearing impaired children, allowing them to hear the world again. You can still donate through: http://www.wasletkheir.com/BankAccounts.aspx or http://www.wasletkheir.com/DonateAhly/

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