Phuket: 5 Reasons to Book a Ticket Right Now


As the nights in Cairo begin to get chillier, the sun has been drifting away and heading closer to the gorgeous land of Phuket, Thailand. Phuket thrives during the months of November all the way until late January; as sunny and as tropical as can be. So for all those who can’t wait for summer to return, it might be time for you to book a ticket and head to the exotic island. The weather is definitely one of the major reasons why Phuket is a winter destination, but here are some other reasons that make it so remarkable.

1. The Beach

Phuket is known for its crystal clear water that can truly take your breath away. There’s something indescribable about swimming in water where all kinds of colored fish are swimming right next to you. You don’t need to go snorkeling to see the fish, you can simply look below you and you’ll see for yourself. Phuket is known to have gorgeous water with green mountains towering above; ensuring that whether you’re gazing from the shore or from the beach, you’re always surrounded by beauty.

2. The Spiritual Atmosphere

Phuket is known for its calm environment, particularly due its several temples. It’s a truly spiritual experience for people of all faiths. There’s the Wat Chalong temple and Wat Phra Thong, but the most famous and largest temple is the Big Buddha temple. You can see Big Buddha from the plane as it passes above Phuket because of its large size. As you walk your way to the top, you reach an inner temple first where you can meet with a monk and ask him to bless you. As you continue your journey to the top, you can hear a beautiful jingle in the air because of the hanging bells and hanging leaves, which have people’s deepest wishes written on them for the world to see.

3. Thai Food

Eating in Thailand allows you to experience a variety of flavors from fried noodles to what they do best: all kinds of seafood. Thai food uses a lot of natural ingredients like basil, fish sauce, fresh chili and coconut milk, which make its dishes very nutritious and diverse. You can try out some of Thailand’s most prominent dishes like mango sticky rice with sweet and spicy chicken or shrimp. There are more traditional dishes like the Tom Yum Goong: a type of soup that combines shrimp and chilli spices. There’s also the Phad Thai which is fried noodles mixed differently in each restaurant whether it’s with nuts or fish sauce.

4. The Animals

A lot of people associate Phuket with elephants because of its many tours where you can meet with the elephants, pet them and take pictures of them. You can also interact with other wild animals, such as the Tiger Kingdom, which allows people to interact with an animal that they’d never think of being so close to. The Tiger Kingdom helps increase the breeding of tigers as their existence is decreasing all over the world. People can get in the cages and play directly with the tigers or they can simply sit around in the garden and watch the tigers around them play. On the less wild side, you can visit Monkey Hill to feed and play with the monkeys while viewing Phuket from above. Phuket has its own zoo, aquariums and a lot of places that allow you to interact with all the beautiful kinds of species we have on earth. Animal lovers, rejoice; because this will be an experience you’ll definitely appreciate.

5. Shopping

Colorful bags, swimsuits and dresses all over the place. Shopping in the markets of Phuket is a beautiful experience where each item is unique and like no other. You’ll find all kinds of patterns and shapes with a standard size in the local markets of Phuket with affordable, negotiable prices.

Phuket is a magical island because it’s a mix of everything. You get to experience life on an island and wildlife and at the exact same time, and you get to experience spirituality and culture on a whole other level. Everything about Phuket is one of a kind; whether it’s the stitching on a bag, the colorful walls of a temple or the way your food is served, it’ll definitely stand out.

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