Oreo Ice Cream: Different Shapes, Different Tastes


Summer gives ice cream a whole new taste, and no one knows that more than the masterminds behind the all-new Oreo ice cream. The brand’s new line offers three variations of Oreo-flavored ice cream: in a cone, in a cup, or on a stick.

While each is popular in its own way, each type of ice cream is slightly different from the next. Depending on how you like your Oreo cookies, you can choose your favorite ice cream accordingly. Each type is priced differently as well, with the cone selling for 10 EGP, the stick for 15 EGP, and the cup according to size can go up to 56 EGP.

For those who prefer the creamy part of the Oreo cookie, the cup would be the wise choice as it mainly consists of creamy ice cream with small bits of Oreo’s chocolatey cookies inside. In other words, it's the classic ´cookies and cream´ coming from the original source.

If you'd rather have that in a waffle biscuit than in a cup, then you should go for the cone. However, do not expect anything special about the waffle cone; it tastes exactly the same as the cone in any other ice cream in the market.

The one that comes on a stick may taste the same on the inside, creamy and delicious, but the main differentiator can be found in the top layer, which tastes exactly like the chocolate part of an Oreo with some cookie crumbles on it.

Whichever one you are going to opt for, it most likely won´t be disappointing - just beware of a strong sugar rush!

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