O’s Pasta: Your New Go-To Pasta Place


This week we found ourselves longing for some good pasta, so we decided to go to O’s Pasta to satisfy our cravings. Tucked away in a side street in Zamalek, the small restaurant specializes in, as you can probably guess from its name, pasta; offering 19 different dishes as well as salads, soups, and dessert.

As soon as you arrive to O’s Pasta you can already tell that it’s a unique place from its distinctive, vintage-style door, which is painted in a striking blue color to attract attention. Your suspicion will be confirmed as you walk inside to find blue and green walls with multiple picture frames, wood pieces, and a window shutter, all facing an American-styled kitchen. The unusual décor along with the colorful wooden chairs and tables definitely make the place stand out while giving it a cozy feel.

After scanning their long menu we decided to order the Greek Salad and O’s Salad for starters, as well as two of their popular pastas: La Vie En Rose and Filetto Verdi.

The La Vie En Rose certainly didn’t disappoint, as fresh shrimps dipped in perfectly cooked penne pasta with a delicious pink sauce was everything we were looking for. Having the food directly cooked in front of us also guaranteed its quality and freshness.

Following in its footsteps was the Filetto Verdi, which consisted of beef tenderloin strips in a tri-pepper sauce mixed with linguini pasta, mushrooms, and sun dried tomatoes. All the ingredients were super fresh with a very tasty dressing, however if you’re not a fan of spicy food you might want to consider ordering another dish.

The only disappointing order we had was the Greek Salad, as we didn’t like the cheese used in it nor did we enjoy the fact that all the olives were served with their seeds. On the other hand, the O’s Salad, which contains shrimps, arugula, mushrooms, and parmigiano was able to deliver, with fresh ingredients and an amazing creamy balsamic dressing.

While O’s Pasta is more on the pricey side, they do offer generous portions that will most likely keep you full for a few hours.

Altogether it was a pleasurable experience that we would definitely recommend; just make sure you’re not going out directly after, as sitting in an open kitchen for too long may leave you smelling like food - not that we’re complaining about the heavenly smell.

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O’s Pasta: Your New Go-To Pasta Place

Having the food directly cooked in front of us also guaranteed its quality and freshness.

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