Nine-Month-Old Syrian Twins Killed, Bigger Picture Highlighted

Although the recent excruciating tragedy of Abdel Hameed Alyousef’s family’s death triggered a lot of devastation among people, the inhumane war in Syria should not be exemplified with one incident; people should look at the whole picture instead of suddenly reacting when something horrific happens.

The recent ongoing Syrian crisis is a strong proof of the decreasing and inefficient significance of international law in regards to maintenance of peace and security and the restraint of power during war.

In fact, humanitarian intervention has become extremely controversial – when it happens and when it fails to happen. This doctrine has developed a lot more debate in the past years, especially on when is it applicable, who has the right to protect, on what basis and under which terms?

Isn’t the war in Syria “dramatic enough” for states to intervene? Isn’t the number of civilians killed alarming enough? May be yes, but sometimes, and may be always, in the world we live in nowadays, personal benefits and interests are prioritized over kids being tortured or killed.

After the death of 19 of his family members, Abdel Hameed Alyousef, cradles his nine-month-old twins as he buries them after more than 80 people were killed in the chemical attack on the Syrian town of Khan Sheikhoun early Tuesday.

The tragedy has not only devastated the small town, but has also broken the hearts of billions all over the world.

The death of the twins and Alyousef’s whole family culminates the war on Syria, but it contains subliminal messages that people should be aware of.

What else have we not witnessed in this world of war? How did we get to this point where it was okay to let go of all that is inhumane in this world? This is a war against humanity.

Fortunately, this incident was all over the news, but what if other catastrophic events are happening but are not reported? What if more people are suffering more than Alyousef but the media chooses not to shed light on the matter?

Seems like the only thing we agree or unite upon in this world, is what to share and comment on, on social media. Such a funny tragic place to live in.

While the recent tragedy is dreadful, people have to be aware that this could be a minuscule of what’s actually happening in Syria. Humanity is gone with the wind, and who knows what else is going on that is not exposed to the public.

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