New Documentary Sheds Light on Anti-Harassment Ad Campaign in Egypt


Egyptian-American documentary filmmaker Jenny Montasir has always had a passion for social justice and women’s rights issues, so when she heard that Egyptian anti-harassment initiative HarassMap was working on a massive new campaign, she decided to dig deeper.

Montasir’s documentary, The Campaign, follows the members of the anti-harassment initiative for two years as they prepare a major ad campaign targeting the Egyptian community.

Observing the members brainstorm for ideas, cooperate with an agency and make media appearances, Montasir aims to raise awareness on what goes on behind the scenes of anti-harassment campaigns.

“While it is well-known that sexual harassment is a problem in Egypt, we rarely hear about the people actively trying to put an end to it,” she noted.

She explained that the idea of the film also stems from her own curiosity about what HarassMap would do next.

“Most of their work prior to this campaign was based online and on the streets. I was curious to see what they would do when given the rare chance to reach bigger audiences through a TV campaign, and how the public would react to their message,” she said.

The content of the film is now more relevant than ever with the emergence of the global #MeToo hashtag about sexual harassment.

For more details, check their Facebook Page!

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