Mudra Yoga Studio: A Safe Haven in Zamalek


Being anxious all the time, I've been repeatedly advised to try new techniques and life habits to help me calm down a bit and better control my thoughts -but I've always been skeptical. I’ve heard a lot about meditation, yoga, and the whole practice of mind/soul-cleansing, but for some reason, I just couldn't buy it. However, after years of resisting the idea, I decided to give it a try, and lucky me, my first experience with meditation was at Mudra Yoga Studio, a safe haven right in the middle of Zamalek's mayhem.

The first time…

Located in El Sayed El Bakry St. right off Brazil and 26th of July streets, the first thing that popped into my head was: how the hell could someone meditate with all the chaos and noise surrounding the place? However, it actually worked! Not sure how they do it, but all I know is that I slept through one of the sessions, which you shouldn't do of course, but it shows how relaxed and safe I felt.

The ambience...

Stepping into the place, it'll feel as if you're stepping into some parallel universe or a time capsule of some sort. At Mudra, everything is stacked to set you in the mood, from the smiling host gently welcoming you in and politely asking you to take off your shoes at the door, to the dimmed lighting and cozy floor-cushioned waiting area. Don't let the small space fool you; even though the waiting area might get a bit cramped, there is plenty of room inside the classes.

The people...

Another thing that makes Mudra stands out is the people. The host, the instructors, and even random drop-ins like me experience a weird vibe that makes all of us get along; it's like we all are too scared to mess with the energy of the place, so we keep smiling and nodding. Moreover, one thing that you don't really find in many places nowadays is that people at Mudra actually listen, even though it's not really in the job description to listen to total strangers. They urge you to talk and share your experience after every session; letting your feelings out and sharing your thoughts really help on so many levels.

After attending a couple of sessions there, it will hit you that while you've thought you were alone all that time, you really aren't. You will realize that all the people there are searching for something missing, just like you; some search for an escape, some look for peace of mind, some need help with their anxiety just like me, and some are just bored out of their minds and need to try something new. 'Not alone' is a pretty nice feeling to have, don't you think?

The sessions...

Mudra Yoga Studio offers a wide range of yoga and meditation sessions with a monthly schedule and daily yoga classes. You have the choice to pay for a full membership, through which you can attend any class anytime you want, with the exception of weekly events that get announced on their Facebook page.

Personally, I was more drawn to the meditation sessions; they have two to three meditation classes per week, which usually take place on Sundays, Mondays, and Wednesdays. Each session has a different concept and some concepts recur every month. The sessions they offer include Anxiety-Relief meditation, Dealing with Depression meditation, Forgiveness meditation, Twin-Hearts meditation, which is related to the full moon and cosmos, and last but not least, the most popular one: the Sufi Meditation.

At the start of every session, the instructor introduces the concept to the attendees, then moves forward to premeditation stretching as well as breathing exercises to release any tension you might be feeling. After that, you're asked to take a resting position that you would be able to hold for the duration of the session. All through the session, you'll be guided by the instructor's voice, telling you what you should do.

The verdict...

Mudra Yoga Studio is definitely worth a try! It is the place to be if you want to escape, unwind, and connect with a deeper version of yourself. You’ll become friends with everyone there in no time; you’ll bond over genuine conversations, and most certainly get out with much more value than what you paid for.

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