Mohamed Salah, Shadya and More: Google Reveals Egypt’s Internet Searches in 2017


With 2017 coming to a close, Google has released its 2017 Year in Search, which compiles all its search results by country. Egypt made its way to the list; revealing what Egyptians have been interested in this past year.

“There are many ways to explore the year through the lens of Google Search –from Egypt’s qualification to the 2018 World Cup, to the passing of the iconic artist Shadya, this year’s results are reflective of what truly captured people’s attention over the past year. We are happy to see that Google was part of people’s everyday lives as they searched for some of this year’s most important moments,” said Joyce Baz, Head of Communications for Google in the Middle East and North Africa.

The data was compiled after aggregating the entirety of the year’s searches and removing spam and repetitive queries.

The main events topping this year’s list of searches included primary school results, in addition to football-related topics such as the World Cup draw and the Al Ahly SC elections. From the entertainment side, the Selsal Al Dam series stood out amongst other shows, while songs like El Keif and Despacito proved their popularity in the Egyptian community.

People also searched for iconic Egyptian football star Mohamed Salah, as well as actress and singer Shadya, who passed away this year. Local news that grabbed attention included the Al Wahat attack and the subsidies card reform, while international issues included Burma and Hurricane Irma.

Other searches highlighted Egyptians’ interests, such as the movie Fast & Furious 8, kunafa and yogurt recipes, as well as singer Amr Diab’s latest album.

See all the search results below!

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