Mini Me: Look Amazing With Your Little One

Being a mom is like becoming a constant muse for your child. You are the main character in your child’s life, the one they spend most of their time with. If you look into the word ‘Mom,’ you will find that it represents ‘My Own Muse,’ so it is important to let them have that special bond in their lives -and what better than fashion to bond over?

It’s time to create fun matching looks and go out and have fun with the one that matters the most. Teach your little one how to rock an outfit just like mom! We’ve compiled the best outfits that you can share with your kid for a fun, fabulous look.

For girls, it is best to have fun with her when shopping for the look; don’t just buy it and force her to wear it. Instead, create a moment to remember by sharing the looks with her and deciding which outfit she prefers to wear.

For a fun day at the sports club you will need an easy outfit for her to play in, so a denim jumpsuit will be the best choice to go for. You can also opt for jeans with a white t-shirt and white sneakers. And here’s how you can both rock it together!

For a day at the mall, you will need some cute clothes that are easy for a shopping experience; so they need to be easy to wear and easy to take off in the fitting room. In this case, a dress might be the best choice -and this is how you can both look adorable for a fun mommy and daughter shopping trip!

As for a good BBQ picnic with the family, go for white -it is the best color for summer. It is simple and easy to pull, looks great on everyone and is easy to shop for anywhere. We created the best look for you and your little princess.

For boys, it might be a little bit harder because boys have such macho taste at this age, but we figured out how you can look amazing with your young prince charming.

For a day at the sports club, you will need a practical outfit that is up to the task. Some sweatpants with a good t-shirt and sneakers will be the best choice for you since it is comfortable and looks great. We have the perfect practical outfit for a fun day out with your little man!

For a fun brunch by the Nile, you can wear simple, breezy outfits that can look sharp but cool at the same time. Shades of blue are the best color for this kind of outing. A good pair of shorts with a nice shirt will be great for him to stand out in the crowd. A good chino for you will be the best way to match with him.

For his friend’s birthday party, make all the other moms jealous with how great you both look in matching outfits. A nice light color will work like a charm for this kind of event. And who said pink is a girly color? Prove them wrong with how handsome your boy is.

And, after all, remember it is not about how good the look is. It is way more important to enjoy this moment with your little one and be the best muse they look up to.

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