Maya Shiha’s Instagram Post About Her Sister is Everything


On Sunday former actress, Maya Shiha posted a recent photo of her sister Hala Shiha and wrote a very important message against bullying that we all need to learn from.

Hala was a very successful actress but decided to quit in 2003 and get veiled. Earlier this year she decided to take off the veil and announced her return back to acting, and since then people have been giving her a hard time and bullying her every chance they got.

Using the hashtag #NoBullying, Maya’s message asked people to pray for Hala and wish her good luck in her life and career. She also urged her followers to respect her sister’s actions and decisions and to view her only as a human being, not a perfect figure.

Although It seems only natural that Maya would post such a supportive message, this is actually a very clever way of standing up to bullies; by showing love to those being bullied.

If we want to stand up to bullies we have to show love and respect to those in need, no matter how close or different they are from us. By doing so they will feel stronger, and this makes all the difference in their battle against bullying.

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