Lucky House: Addictive Asian Cuisine


Street 231 in Maadi has always been a treat for every Cairo-based foodie. The busy street houses everything from the oriental desserts at El Kunafa Bakery and incredible ice cream flavors at Stavolta to the Latin American delicacies at Tabla Luna and the mouthwatering Italian cuisine at Vittorio’s.

However, while walking down the street lately, we noticed a new name had popped up; the stairs leading down to Lucky House show neat rows of black tables amidst simple décor and images of popular Asian delicacies. While the place never looked crowded from the outside, it aroused our curiosity each time we passed by.

This week, we finally decided to try it out, and we weren’t disappointed. As soon as we walked down the stairs, a friendly waiter held open the door and greeted us with a smile. We were immediately led to a table and handed our menus while Rihanna’s older tunes made their way through the speakers. We would have preferred softer background music but didn’t mind taking a stroll down memory lane with hits like Russian Roulette and We Found Love.

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After browsing through the diverse menu, which included both Chinese and Japanese cuisine, we decided on starting off with the Spring Rolls, followed by the Si Chuan Chicken, the Chow Mein Noodles, and the Chinese Fried Rice. We asked the waiter what the difference between the Chinese and Japanese Fried Rice was, and he explained that the latter uses butter and onion, while the former does not.

A short while later, our Spring Rolls made their way to the table. They looked similar to the spring rolls we’d find anywhere else but were more heavily seasoned. The surplus of spices surprisingly worked and added a whole new flavor to a basic dish. We caught a hint of turmeric, but maybe an experienced chef would make a more educated guess.

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Around five minutes after we had finished the appetizer, the main dishes came to the table. We were pleasantly surprised with the hefty portions, and the quality of the ingredients showed that the place offered good value for money. The chicken, which was covered in a chili sauce along with onions and peppers, was delicious. Although it wasn’t as spicy as we’d expected, the general tangy flavor was strong without being too overpowering. The rice complemented the chicken perfectly, and we were glad to have chosen the lighter option.

Taken by Mona

The Chow Mein Noodles were superb; we couldn’t figure out what the ‘special sauce’ was, but it was a success. Very rarely can you find noodles that are flavorful without swimming in sauce, but this one proved that it is indeed possible. The mushrooms, carrots, peppers, and baby corn all added to the taste, and we ended up wiping the plate clean.

We were in a hurry so we didn’t get a chance to try their dessert, but we did see another table enjoying a fun teppanyaki show thanks to the chef’s impeccable knife skills - now we know what we’re trying next time!

Next time you’re in Street 231 and wondering what to have for lunch, remember to add Lucky House to your list of contenders; it’s worth it.

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