Logan Lucky: Your Weekend Plans Are Here!


Despite his retirement announcement back in 2013, Oscar-winning director Steven Soderbergh has declared his rebound to filmmaking with an exceptional acting cast in a new comedy/crime project. Having Channing Tatum, Adam Driver and Daniel Craig in the starring roles contributed to spicing up Soderbergh’s formula for revealing his habitually superior productions, the latest of which is Logan Lucky.

Logan Lucky follows the lives of the Logan family, particularly Jimmy and Clyde Logan. Their problems and struggles drift them towards a local NASCAR event, where they plan to pull off a major robbery. For two hours, the film goes through their preparations for the plan with which they aspire to right the wrongs in their lives.

After his crime film Traffic secured him his first Academy Award, Soderbergh had managed to keep on enriching the genre with features that retained glamour through the years and introduced new formats to the field. His influencing methods have initially surfaced with his work on the Ocean’s trilogy with George Clooney, Brad Pitt and Matt Damon, that he later followed with a streak of productions that raised mainstream standards. In his third collaboration with Channing Tatum following Magic Mike and Side Effects, the audience was eager for the productive duo to revive their former excellence with Logan Lucky, which is exactly what they did.

Usually, the sequence of events in movies like this originates from the stresses and obstacles the main characters encounter, which corners them to seek felonious solutions. For Logan Lucky, the film evolved with this very same progression, highlighting how hard Jimmy’s life became with his career and personal life. However, this stage didn’t occupy much runtime; by the early minutes, we were already witnessing the Logan brothers brainstorm a proper layout to attain their desired criminal objectives, which kicked off the movie’s most enjoyable chapters.

The comical effectiveness of Logan Lucky was mainly due to the film’s subtlety in portraying it. Comedic actions weren’t introduced using loud words, extensive movements or overused music, but through simple deliveries and steady frames that were integrated smoothly into the plot, yielding several utterly laughable moments. Furthermore, the construction of the two main characters portrayed distinguishable features in regards to behaviors and actions, as the common idiotism such roles acquire was replaced by clever yet impulsive attitudes, which equipped them with a distinctive appearance that served the project as a whole.

Once the main crime was introduced, the film’s plot went straight to the common dual stages, where the main characters sought a proper collaborative team to execute the planned schema. Taking advantage of the filmmakers’ unique utilization of comedy, these chapters set off long minutes of extreme laughter and absolute hilarity, thanks to Channing Tatum and Adam Driver, who were later joined with Daniel Craig. Nevertheless, that excellence in the humorous parts didn’t diminish the quality of the film’s main event; the well-designed robbery brilliantly utilized several secondary characters and storylines to reveal an unconventional sequence, clever execution and unexpected outcome.

The nature of Logan Lucky meant that the bonding between the two co-stars was an essential pillar to construct the movie on, which they met with delightful chemistry. Their shared on-screen minutes showed compatibility and harmony that sold us the reliability of their brotherhood and paved the road for the great Daniel Craig to take the lead in the latter chapters. In his very anti-British role, you could easily notice how the English actor has developed his looks and western accent to personify this very American character, and it was just amazing! He wasn’t any less fascinating in his comedic deliveries, which aren’t restricted to the audacious portrayals of James Bond at all.

Logan Lucky is a remarkable addition to light-hearted heist films, with an adequate plot, subtle comedy and excellent performances that will keep the punchlines in your memory, days after your first screening.

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