Is it Really Okay to Question Someone's Religious Beliefs on TV?


A while ago, I found a sarcastic video of 10 celebrities talking about God and religion on TV. If you listen closely, you'll notice that these celebrities are being asked by the hosts if they pray, if they think they're going to heaven and how they'd ‘justify’ their occupations to God. Between every clip and the other there are some iconic movie lines (afashat aflam) displayed to make fun of them.

This video can be taken lightly and simply labeled as Egyptian humor, but the truth is that it reflects how truly judgmental our society is, especially when it comes to very private matters.

I'd like to start with the hosts; I know it's a part of their job to ask controversial questions, but when it comes to religion and spirituality, isn't that crossing the line? Why should anyone be put in a position where they'd have to justify their beliefs and defend their relationship with God on TV? What message are you trying to deliver to your viewers and why should this topic even be relevant?

Secondly, to whoever made this video and whoever liked it: Why would you help spread such a negative message? Normalizing such matters and joking about them will only add more harm to a society that is based on kalam el nas already.

More importantly, nobody should ever have the right to judge another when it comes to their connection with God, because nobody knows anything about this connection except the two of them.

If you think any religion is based on appearance, you are far off, my friend. Nobody knows what's inside people's hearts and judging someone else based on appearance or any other criteria will not make you a better believer. And honestly, everyone should feel free to wear whatever they like and work whichever job they're passionate about without having society bring religion into it. Please leave that up to them and God, and focus only on yourself. It's about time we stop criticizing people based on religious views and start accepting them as fellow HUMANS.

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