Inscriptions Discovered in Minya Bring Us Closer to How the Pyramids Were Built


On the first of November, the Ministry of Antiquities released a statement saying that a British-French excavation team uncovered inscriptions on an ancient ramp dating around the reign of King Khufu revealing a technique that may have been used in building the pyramids of his era.

According to the Ministry of Antiquities' official Facebook page, the French-British archaeological mission from the French Institute for Oriental Archaeology (IFAO) and the University of Liverpool were working at the Hatnub archaeological site in Minya when the discovery was made.

Source; @Moantiquities/Facebook

The team were originally studying how the ancient Egyptians moved stones they used for carving statues and pots, but after they conducted a topographic survey of engravings at the Hatnub site, they stumbled upon the inscriptions on the ramp.

Source; @Moantiquities/Facebook

Describing the ramp’s inscriptions, Yannis Gourdon, co-director of the joint mission at Hatnub said, “this system is composed of a central ramp lined by two staircases with numerous pillar holes". Dr Roland Enmarch, a senior lecturer of Egyptology at the University of Liverpool and the co-director of the project that made the discovery, told The Guardian that this newly discovered system would allow more people to exert force at one time and move the blocks more quickly.

Source; @Moantiquities/Facebook

Dr Mostafa Waziri, General Secretary of the Supreme Council of Antiquities, said that "it is a very important discovery as this kind of system has never been discovered before".

Although there is no direct evidence that proves this technique was used in building the pyramids of Ancient Egypt, archeologists suggest that since the ramp dates to King Khufu’s time, it may have been used in the construction of pyramids during his reign.

The discovery is believed to bring egyptologists closer towards solving the greater mystery of how Ancient Egypt’s pyramids were built.

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